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5. Any Crossover Fighting Game

The reason fighting games are so popular are not only due to their classic arcade-style game play but largely because of their abundant character selection. This is the biggest reason I see in taking a mass multiplayer endeavor. Once again, a DC Universe or Final Fantasy Online style game with tons of well-known characters has potential. The MMORPG would obviously lose the arcade-style fighting that help these games to succeed, but still flaunt a huge selection of characters to fight and possible play as. The universe would likely be based around the fighting in tournaments just like the Tekken storylines. With so many crossover games nowadays it is clear that people like having more choices, specifically when it?s the characters that they know and love. Even games like Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe and Street Fighter X Tekken both have low ratings but still sell pretty well. Companies keep making crossover games because of their resounding popularity. The love for these types of games is what drives this idea home once again. Find a way to combine multiple fighting game characters in an interactive world with a reliable build system and the fandom alone will keep the game a success.

4. Mario

Does anything more than his name need to be said at this point? Few characters have come as close to video game apotheosis as the Italian plumber, so it wouldn?t be surprising to see him even in a massive world. From ice worlds to lava pits, traveling underwater and even flying through space, Mario has pretty much done it all. How could you not build a MMORPG around the guy? Players would have a world full of some of the most recognizable enemies, with statistical differences of power rather than just size. Tons of game bosses have been created over the years giving endless possibilities for storyline. Best of all, Bowser may finally make sense. Every Mario fan has some respect for the King Koopa, even though he always fails in similar fashion. At the same time, every MMORPG has a boss that seems unreachable by the average gamer. This would bring the two ideas together. The appeal to start a game that takes dedication to battle a famous and revamped video game figure is just too enticing. And with multiplayer game play becoming more prevalent in the Mario franchise (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) there is a whole new world of teamwork and quests to undertake. So Nintendo, all I have to say is that many Mario fans are probably saying the same thing, ?Lets-a-Go!?

3. God of War

The game probably won?t feature a bunch of players using beefy Kratos look-alikes, but the cinematic visuals achieved in God of War will prove to go a long way in an open world. Many MMORPGs have proven to make the same third-person view successful. There are so many possibilities when it comes to visual detail and general game atmosphere. One can only imagine how scary it would be to see a titanic monster walking across a field you and other players generally cross freely. The benefit of a gigantic virtual environment is the amount of space it provides to hide the monstrous creatures you tend to battle in the God of War series.  Players would work together to clear areas and take rare opportunities to uniquely better their characters. This could be a MMORPG known for its epic boss battles and worthwhile raids, while being able to build your own god of war would give players more control over character customization including specializing in a number of professions. And be honest, you?d buy a visual masterpiece if your character could wield some Blades of Chaos, wouldn?t you?

2. The Legend of Zelda

Link is another character with enough reputation to make people buy any game he stars in. That being said, the biggest appeal for this MMORPG idea comes from the games already established location. Hyrule Castle has already been given way more detail than it deserved in the past. The Ocarina of Time pretty much gave fans a taste of what traveling in a massive location such as Hyrule would be like in an open world. Theoretically, Nintendo could develop a game with just the landscape of Ocarina of Time and Majora?s Mask and people would play it. These old games were so ahead of their time they gave fans a portrayal of Hyrule so satisfying that they have dropped their expectations for future improvements. Well I think it?s time for Nintendo to adopt the Pixar philosophy, ?There?s no such thing as good enough.? It may be selfish but just because The Legend of Zelda series has had such success doesn?t mean it has to slow down.

We have seen what Nintendo can do to Hyrule with N64 and Wii graphics, but it?s time to go the extra mile. The Zelda games have also dealt with multiplayer game play showing co-op in Four Swords, with battle and Wi-Fi capabilities in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Players would truly have a new way of playing in their favorite setting. The fields of Hyrule would be breathtaking. The dungeons would be fit for raid-style action and include familiar, yet improved enemies. This franchise has succeeded with nearly every project involving Link, so why stop now?

1. Pokemon

It just doesn?t make sense not to. Successful franchise, check. Established and increasing fan base, check. Customizable characters, level gain system, rare items and a variety of locations, check check check. How can this game not eventually become a MMORPG?  Too many fans want it. There are a handful of starting locations and companions to choose from. There are already over 600 creatures to encounter and even more if you include the legendary pokemon that are sure to be bosses in the games overall storyline. The exploration factor would keep players hooked for a long time. It would force them to battle their way to new regions they didn?t start near in order to catch the pokemon they need to complete their team and pokedex. The many combinations of their own team give endless players a feeling of uniqueness. The series has also established a system of battling with partners, another reason why the transition to the MMORPG world makes sense. The game would present the option to do quests with other players or become a pokemon master all by yourself.

The biggest selling point is how the world of pokemon is based on competition and thus provides a perfect mass multiplayer environment for player verse player events. Following a main storyline to reach the top of the pokemon leagues will give players unity in endeavors with friendly competition on the side. With such an open environment the game could even host a neutral sandbox region where players can compete and use their achievements to start gyms of their own. This would allow the hosting of player verse player battles for leisure outside the parameters of the natural storyline. This is also a chance for Nintendo to break pokemon from its handheld graphic restrictions and onto a system that can make the famous regions come to life. This doesn?t even cover a tenth of the ideas that can be converted from already successful pokemon games, but with tons of and tournaments already in place for future players, the game has practically started designing itself.

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