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Intro: Choose from one of twelve diverse classes and embark on a journey to explore locations all over Hyboria and battle creatures from the depths of hell itself - all inspired by the beloved books, movies and comics. If you play your cards right you will even get to meet King Conan himself!


You awaken on the island of Tortage in the lands known as Stygia without your memory. Your initial quests involve trying to regain your memory and powers while defeating the evil in Tortage. You then leave the island and embark on a journey to become a powerful force in the world of Hyboria.


Players can be one of four races and twelve classes. Classes are standard for MMO's, including damage dealers, healers, tanks and support classes. Age of Conan?s twelve classes include an array of unique and interesting classes, from new ideas like the Bear Shaman and Herald of Xotli to new twists on old favorites like the Assassin and Ranger. The races are all classic Hyboria inhabitants found in Robert E. Howard's books, Aquilonian, Cimmerian, Stygian and Khitan.

Characters can be customised in regards to body type, hair, face and tattoos. Clothes are gained by equipping armour, so you may find yourself wearing odd combinations as you level up.

Depending on your character's class you have a set of skills that you can invest points into, and certain skills are more useful to certain classes. A Rogue character could for instance invest points into their hide skill, allowing them to become invisible to others. The higher the skill, the harder you will be to spot. Some classes might find the climbing skill useful, allowing them to access hard-to-reach locations. Skills, feats, combo moves - Age of Conan: Unchained offers a wealth of opportunities to really tailor your character.

The combat system is more complex than most turn based or button push MMO's. Combat comprises striking a target from different angles, such as hacking down against the head, slashing diagonally down from the left or right, and slashing diagonally up from the left or right. These directions are designed to be strung together in combination naturally during combat. Difficult-to-perform combinations cause additional damage and faster strikes.

A pretty unique feature is the day/night system. Certain quests can only be done at these times. In the day time you can see other players and team up with them to do dungeons or do day-based single quests. At night time a player is on their own with no other players visible and can do night-based quests.

Players are able to take part in large scale siege operations. Adventurers can cooperate with one another to build cities with walls, towers and catapults that can protect player-owned taverns and merchant facilities.

Age of Conan is perfect for MMO lovers and anybody who has read the novels or watched the movies will be fascinated as they wander around Hyboria.


Rating: 8

Publisher: Funcom

Player base: Medium

Graphics: Very High


Exp Rate: Medium

PvP: Open PvP, Ranking system, Guild vs Guild

File size: 30GB

Pros: The world of Conan come to life, Amazing graphics, Great combat system.

Cons: High specs mean you need a high end computer.

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