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Browser based MMO titles don't have the best reputation in the industry, mainly down to the slew of low quality titles that get released week after week. However there are some diamonds in the rough and MMOAttack have highlighted some of the very best games for our top browser MMORPG games in 2013 list.

10. Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance doesn't exactly set new boundaries for the browser-based MMO genre but it's still a title worthy of a spot in our best MMORPG games in 2013. Players create a team of their own Avengers from a list of popular Marvel characters and then battle with endless waves of villains. It doesn't really offer much in the progression or story department but if you're after a quick combat fix, Marvel: Avengers Alliance could be the game for you.

9. Clone Wars Adventures

It's a Star Wars browser MMO, need I say more? Based on the popular Clone Wars series Clone Wars Adventures thrusts players into the iconic world of Star Wars in a combat-orientated gaming experience. A child-friendly browser MMO that features pets, player housing tons of mini-games and a recently introduced card game. It's not the newest game on our best of 2013 list but it's a must play for Clone Wars fans.

8. 8BitMMO

This is one for the retro fans. 8BitMMO is a 2D MMO with a difference, it's a giant sandbox. Players can enjoy a persistent world that evolves constantly through the actions of the players. With over 50,000 registered gamers there's always new construction projects on the go, from creating giant fortifications to quaint villages and towns. Some complain about the graphics but the retro feel just adds to the immersion, one of the more unique titles on our best MMORPG games of 2013 list.

7. Pet Forest Online

Pet Forest Online is a Pokemon style browser-based MMO supported by a cute, anime inspired game world. Fight dragons, demons, beasts and other monsters as you travel through an exotic game world collecting and training a variety of unique pets. It's also home to the majority of features you'd find in other MMO games such as quests, a crafting system, dungeons and various social supporting mechanics.

6. Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance Online is a mercenary themed MMO game with a heavy emphasis on turn-based strategic combat. Players hire mercenaries from across the globe and form their own team combat hardened veterans. Using this team players can participate in a variety of missions in locales across the planet. It's not ideal for fans of faster, action-paced combat but it's second to none in terms of turn-based strategic combat.

5. Robot Rising

Set in a time where robots are the tools of war, Robot Rising is an upcoming free-to-play browser-based MMO title that offers fast-paced combat in a science fiction setting. Planning to be released primarily as a Facebook Game Robot Rising has been heralded as the fall of trashy social network titles. Offering an expansive, loot-driven experience Robot Rising is a must play for fans of miniature mech combat.

4. Square-Enix: Legend World

Square Enix haven't done the best of jobs pleasing their Final Fantasy fan base over the last couple of years but their upcoming entry to the browser-based genre could help tip the scales in their favor. SE announced Square-Enix: Legend World recently, a benefit for rewards store members in Japan, and it's said that it will include a variety of iconic monsters from the best Square Enix titles such as Crystal Chronicles and Ivalice Alliance. There's no information regarding a western release date but we're expecting to hear something after the beginning of the Japanese closed beta. The link below is only available in Japanese but there are some images available.

3. Runescape

Despite the fact that Runescape is currently celebrating its 12th anniversary, a best MMORPG of 2013 list wouldn't be complete without the browser giant from Jagex. Already a dominant force in the browser-based gaming genre Runescape has undergone some dramatic changes since its launch in 2001, including the introduction of 3D and more recently a complete overhaul of the combat system. In the birthday announcement Jagex also stated that fans can look forward to new skills, tons of improvements and some new events.

2. Transformers Universe

The second title from Jagex in our best browser MMORPG games of 2013, Transformers Universe. Based on the hugely popular Transformers franchise the browser-based MMO game promises to provide players with an "action packed multiplayer war", giving players the opportunity to recruit their squad of Transformers Warriors and engage in intense PvP. If you're interested they're currently accepting sign ups for the closed beta period which is expected to start sometime early 2013.

1. City of Steam

Following a string of very successful closed beta periods City of Steam is setting up to be one of the best browser MMO games of 2013. Featuring a unique steam-punk theme as a backdrop and a highly immersive story, City of Steam is set to raise the bar for browser fans across the globe. Tons of races, a good selection of classes and an already expansive variety of features makes City of Steam MMOAttack's number 1 pick for browser MMORPG games this year.

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