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A genre that has exploded in popularity thanks to the likes of DayZ and the hit TV series, ABC's The Walking Dead. The zombie MMO is still in its early stages, despite a browser-based presence for several years, but it's finally coming into its own. MMOAttack's best zombie MMO and MMORPG games of now and 2013 will highlight some of the best zombie games coming up in the next year or so.

10. Zombie Pandemic

Zombie Pandemic is a free-to-play, browser-based zombie MMO game that has a heavy emphasis on imagination rather than 3D graphics. Despite the fact it doesn't provide the graphical interaction that many gamers need nowadays, it's easily one of the better browser ones for players happy with a game that doesn't put everything on a plate straight away. The images that are used, such as items and characters, are of a very high quality, which does help the immersion slightly. The game doesn't really offer much in terms of ground-breaking features but it has a huge community and isn't a bad place to start if you're after a more casual approach to MMO zombie gaming.

9. Die2Nite

This is the only released game on this list that I found difficult to play. Despite the fact it's fully released a game requires 40 players to start before a town is generated, not the easiest thing to do by the looks of things. If it wasn't for the glowing reviews from other websites, I probably wouldn't have included it on this list. It's a totally different experience to any other zombie MMO game currently available as it doesn't revolve around scavenging and progressing. Both features are in the game but it's more about a living, breathing world. 40 players start, 40 players inhabit a town, but 40 players can also die. Unlike other games featured here, it's not about grabbing the best gun you can and wiping out everything that breathes, it's actually about survival.

8. The Last Stand: Dead Zone

The fourth installment in the popular Last Stand franchise, The Last Stand: Dead Zone is a popular browser-based post apocalyptic MMO available to play on Facebook, Kongregate and Armor. The Last Stand: Dead Zone does feature similar mechanics seen in other Facebook games, such as tedious point and click mechanics for resource gathering and sketchy animations, but it does support the zombie theme. Players can build their own compounds which can be improved by constructing various structures and buildings, each offering different benefits to the nearby survivors. It's not the most multiplayer game on the list as players can only interact with other compounds and neighborhoods rather than interacting with other users directly.

7. The Last Conflict

Currently attempting to join Steam via the popular, community-based Greenlight service, The Last Conflict is a 2D survival MMO that offers both cooperative and competitive play via single player modes and team survival modes. The game boasts over 99 playable characters, with character customization available, and 49 different maps ranging from a sprawling metropolis to vast deserts. One of the features that stood out most for me was the ability to join the ranks of the undead should you be unfortunate enough to die, a feature that has been suggested in practically every zombie related game I've played. The Last Conflict suffers with a very small player base, something that will undoubtedly change if the Greenlight project is accepted.

6. State Of Decay

State of Decay is an upcoming zombie MMO survival game from Undead Labs. It's one of the few games on this list that has a confirmed console release as well as support for the PC. It was a hot topic for long time, until the release of The War Z and the announcement regarding DayZ Standalone, but it's still going strong. One of the main advertising points of State of Decay is the real-time based dynamically generated content. Players will be able to group up with other survivors and fortify certain areas, sending out scavenging parties to acquire food, supplies and weaponry. However the undead will be attracted to noise and as resources deplete in a certain area groups will be forced to explore more dangerous avenues in order to survive.

5. Dead Frontier

Widely regarded as the best browser-based MMO game available, Dead Frontier is an action-based MMO experience that leans more towards fun and exciting game play over that of the typical survival approach. Unlike some of the other games in our best zombie MMO games 2013 list, The Dead Frontier doesn't require hours of scavenging before you can enjoy the game, and you won't die instantly due to hostile PvP. Players have the choice of turning off the PvP completely, allowing them to explore the massive game world and collect over 100 real life weapons, without the fear of losing it to one lunatic with an assault rifle.

4. Z Day

Furor City has been brought to its knees after an unknown viral outbreak decimated the human population. Only a small group of survivors remain, each willing to kill for the few supplies that were left behind. Players can explore a massive city environment where the elements, the infected and the survivors will lower their chances of survival. Very little is known in regards to the core features of Z Day but the developers have stated that the game will have a heavy emphasis on team work due to the physically enhanced infected that prowl the ruined streets of the city.

3. The Dead Linger

The Dead Linger is currently in the early stages of alpha development but is available to play for supporters. It's an indie zombie MMO game so players that thirst for the AAA experience may be put off by the lackluster graphics and lack of features but the game has a huge amount of potential. Although many see alpha development as a negative aspect it gives the developers ample time to take feedback directly from the community and they do so on a regular basis. One of the games more exciting features is the real-time development of the game world. As players explore in-game the world around them is created in real-time, removing ghosting and many other negative aspects that plague the zombie MMO genre.

2. The War Z

Arguably the most controversial game in MMO existence. The War Z has been pounded by the press since the foundation release late last year but despite all the negativity, the game still holds promise. Offering a huge open world that can support up to 100 players per server, The War Z offers a survival experience against both the environment and an extremely hostile population. The game also offers a Global Inventory feature which sets it apart from zombie MMO competitors. Players are able to store items and weapons they find in an inventory that they can access from all characters, all items saved in the GI are also safe upon death. If you're able to get past the questionable actions from the development team, The War Z can be a great game for zombie fans, although we suggest holding out until the game is a little more polished.

1. DayZ

A title that wouldn't usually require any introduction. DayZ is the MMO child of Dean "Rocket" Hall, a programmer that created a mod for Arma II before being invited to the Bohemia Interactive team to develop a standalone product. In the late stages of development, DayZ is expected to release within the next few months featuring a complete overhaul of many of the features in the original. Players can expect a fully redesigned item management system, including the unique ability to check clothes for lingering diseases and illness, as well as a new durability feature. The interiors have also seen a massive redesign with brand new textures and hundreds of new items. It's the zombie MMO game that's on practically every MMO forum out there, hence taking the number one spot of our best zombie MMORPG and MMO games 2013.

Zombie games not your thing? We've got a ton of lists to look forward to in 2013. You can check out the best upcoming MMORTS Games, browser MMO games, MOBA's, and MMOFPS titles. Whatever your game, we've got you covered.

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