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Rating: 7

Intro: Crystal Sage is a 2.5D browser MMORPG that is set in a vibrant anime-like world. The beautiful environment is accompanied by lovely music throughout the game. The storyline is integral to the game and is detailed and captivating. The game caters to males and females under the age of 25 and is suitable for children to play.

Publisher: R2games

Player base: Medium

Graphics: Medium

Type: Browser MMORPG

Exp Rate: Medium

PvP: Open World, Battlegrounds.

File size: N/A

Pros: Interesting pets and mounts system, Five classes with multiple specialisations, Good game mechanics.

Cons: Can be a little kiddy looking, Limited character customisation.


There was such a thing as the Crystal of Life, which the elves protected. But humans, wanting the Crystal attempting to seize it from the elves. Over time the hatred between these two races grew and grew and this hatred fed the undead who grew stronger and raised an army that swept over the Earth. In this time many creatures became warped and changed to be violent and wild. The humans and elves mended their pasts and banded together against this threat. The undead could not get near the crystal so surrounded the forests of the elves where the races had taken refuge. Mages came to aid the humans and elves and helped defeat the undead forces. In the process the Crystal of Life shattered. The undead war chief swore he would have revenge upon the races one day.


Players may choose from five available classes: Mage, Paladin, Priest, Ranger and Rogue each with two specialisations.

Explore the world of Vidalia in 50+ different maps and 10+ deifferent dungeons and discover the wide variety of attainable mounts, weapons and items.

There are several features in Crystal Saga to keep you occupied. One of them is combat, in which players have to face hordes of hostile monsters lurking in the dark and gloomy dungeons of Crystal Saga. If you feel the challenge is too difficult, you can always find a group and take down together the wild beasts and barbarians, gaining glory and equipment to aid your progress.

In addition to combat, players can also take part into numerous quests of all kinds, and to make it easy the Pathfinding feature will automatically direct the players to the quest location to avoid wasting time wandering around. These quests include delivering items to NPCs, escorting other players on delivery quests, or even attacking a player on a delivery quest, and stealing his possessions.

Taming a slew of available pets, will also help you and your groups in battle. The game offers a lot of options and features for pets. A common mmo feature, you tame a pet using pet scrolls to help you in battle.  Be warned that pets have a limited life span that slowly goes down from the moment you summon it (not from the moment you first summon it, only for as long as its out).  You can only tame pets with levels that match the taming scrolls you have, and even then you can not tame a pet whose level is higher than yours.  You will get your first pet from a main quest.  Attempting to tame a pet has a chance of failing.

Wings give you a stylish look and adds stats to yourself. You get your first wings from a quest. Wings can be upgraded.

All in all, Crystal Saga is a good game for younger people but if you don't like an overly cutesy game you would do well to avoid this. Play Crystal Saga for FREE!

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