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"Welcome to Devin's Chronicles, where I share with you what I experienced in the gaming world this week. As I journey through my adventures through these spectacular games, feel free to give me suggestions of MMOs to try. This time I journeyed into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy game Spiral Knights."

The Spiral Knights have woken up on an alien world, and their star ship, The Skylark, can't be fixed. As a Spiral Knight, you must journey into the core of this world as you go on numerous missions with friends for a journey of a lifetime. In this hit game by Sega and Three Rings you fight alongside your friends against the clockworks, the enemies of the strange world as you explore. Through your progress in the game you gain more to your arsenal, more powerful weapons and equipment. With the enormous amount of arsenal, you can freely pick and choose your armor and weapons, leading to innumerable combinations. Hang out in the haven, where you can meet up with other spiral knights and find a numerous amount of goods there. As you level up, your gear levels up on its own, and it grows more powerful as it levels up the more you use it. Spiral Knights is stage based, with various puzzles and monster battles throughout the levels so grinding is eliminated. The game resembles Zelda games and other dungeon crawlers featured on the DS and Gamecube.

Wow, this game took my breath away. Once I started playing, my group and I could not stop completing missions and figuring out the wary puzzles of each mission. With a quick patch and easy character customization, your into the game and put into a nice tutorial. What first caught my eye, were the clear, crisp graphics. They were nice and colorful, and the cartoon-look makes you feel like your playing a fantasy game in a Sci-Fi world. The second feature that grasped me were the easy controls. Move with WASD, attack by right-clicking, and switch between weapons with either the space bar or the mouse scroll. With fast-paced combat system and friends by my side, it took a miracle for me to put this game down. Looking at the core game play, its amazing. Its not traditional like other MMOs, where you have grinding quests and gathering quests. As a hack-n-slash MMO you just beat the enemies, and move on through the stages, a little like Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the U.S. Spiral Knights Character Customization is moderate, as you can change your gear and armor, but all characters are similar and there are no separate classes. This bugs me because in an MMO a unique feature has to be what makes your character look cooler than other characters. I love the similarity Spiral Knights has to Zelda, and the pleasant music that goes with the game. And instead of giving monsters more attack and higher HP, the monsters get smarter.

As you progress through the missions, there are several Tiers of levels. Tier 1 has all the easy missions, Tier 2 is more difficult and requires a little skill, and Tier 3 is much more difficult and requires a lot of skill and help from other players. When I adventured my way through the game, people were always complaining about how you have to pay for more energy to do the missions, but I never ran out of energy and I played for a good 4-5 hours. Spiral Knights mixes unoriginal MMO content with your classic MMO hack-n-slash. Get this game on Steam and give it a try, look for Baconxhero or PrinceofBacon in the game. Spiral Knights was such a fantastic adventure and its going into my collection of great games!

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