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Image of Diablo 3 - The Collectors Edition unboxing

I chose to get the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition (CE), not because I'm a fan of Diablo 3. To be honest, I'd never actually played a Diablo game until I received a public beta key until the beta was opened free for all. But even then I had gone and preordered before I even experienced it, simply because I liked what it had to offer. For me, what will close a deal in the option to grab the preorder is the inclusion of any physical items, a decent artbook, and the soundtrack. Even for favourite games, I'm unlikely to get CE's if it's only inlcuding, say, in-game unlockables.

The box was nice and heavy - a sign of good things to come. After ripping off the plastic, I could see the box design in it's proper glory.
Diablo iii CE unboxing  

Even better, removing the white, sturdy cardboard "sleeve" unveiled the awesome detail that Blizzard put into their box design, something I hope other CE owners really appreciated.
Diablo iii CE unboxing  

Either way, I could finally have a good look and appreciate what I had invested in. Now, I know that in reality the items that you get inside a Collector's Edition really aren't worth that much. However, there's something about publishers going to decent lengths to really present their product or franchise in a good light. It just makes me smile when they try to offer their fans something a little more.
Diablo iii CE unboxing In the package, fans received The Art of Diablo 3 book, a 2-disc blu-ray/DVD set of Behind the Scenes footage, the game DVD, the game soundtrack (single-disc) and a Diablo skull and 4GB USB Soulstone (it lights up!) with Diablo 2 game and Lords of Destruction expansion included. So very nice of them providing Diablo 2 plus key, rather than my having to download it from

I have a thing for video game concept art, though. Usually, the inclusion of an art book will truly decide whether I purchase a CE or not. Thankfully, they spared little in the art book, a nice thick hardcover piece with the iconic Diablo imagery plastered in blood red on the front. In CE's, the art book is always the first thing I will reach for. Diablo iii CE unboxing   Diablo iii CE unboxing   If you get a chance to have a good flip through of the art book, it's well worth it. The environment concept art, character and enemy sketches... really all of it is truly beautiful.

  Diablo iii CE unboxing   Diablo iii CE unboxing Blizzard really have tried to add something good to the box. For me, simply the inclusion of the soundtrack and a proper art book, rather than one of those horrible 30-page half-size things you normally get in some CE's, was good enough.Since I've been playing the game for at least a few hours every time the servers go back up, hopefully I'll have a nice little recap of my first experiences playing a full Diablo game. Either way, it has been a fun experience, and I can't wait to try some of the other classes as well.But, as the servers are back up from maintenance, it's time to play a little more! Though I'll need to schedule some sleep in at some point...By Debs Fuzy from her personal blog

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