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Browser MMO games are all the rage these days.   And with the technological advances of today's computers, you don't have to spend all your time downloading a massive file just to play your favorite games, you can get the same awesome gameplay experience from one of these browser games.  As the popularity grows for browser based MMO games we can definitely see a larger audience and larger player base entering these games.

This best free browser MMO games list features the best MMO and MMORPG games that are playable right in your browser. Literally you can click on the game and be playing it in seconds, that's a promise!  And of course, as will all of our games, they are free!  The team here at MMO Attack has tested and hand-picked each of these games to represent a wide array genres and styles.   Keep checking back often as we continually update this list to feature the best free browser based MMO games for 2012!

5. Kingdoms of Camelot

Kingdoms of Camelot is a legendary city-building strategy game where you will vie for King Arthur's favor as you are given a chance to rule Camelot. You will fight to build your mighty kingdom as you join one of three factions in the realm ruled by the noble King and his famed knights.

The game is great for those who love history and strategy. You will build your castle and claim the throne as you grow your empire. Join King Arthur's roundtable as you amass an army to fight for the glory of your kingdom. And finally reap the spoils of war as you join and form powerful alliances.

4. Edgeworld

EdgeWorld is a modern sci-fi free online strategy game city building game that is published by Kabam, the same people behind Samurai Dynasty and Global Warfare. The game puts you in the relentless war between the Ceruleans and the Galactic Union that is allied with three major factions. The three factions are the Maar Confederacy, the Erazi Syndicate and the Helio Legion.

Set in a sci-fi intergalactic warfare setting, it allows you to use real time strategy to take out your opponents. You take up the role of Commander of Cerulea in charge of base-building and military action. This game has been widely popular is is fun to play with friends so be sure to check it out.

3. Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is an exciting new MMORTS from the developer Kabam! In the game players must save the civilization of Atlantis. You will join one of four ancient tribes as you begin your rise to power. Build up farms, and mines while collecting resources to keep your kingdom prospering. You will raise a powerful army and train your own Dragon to destroy enemies during war.

This empire building strategy game is a must for players who are looking for something new in the way of city-building games. You will be surprised at how cool using a Dragon to take down enemies will be!

2. Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is a browser base castle building game where you build things in real-time. Graphics are cartoony and easy on the eyes. The interface may be a little clunky, but most of the basic stuff is easy and intuitive to use. The main objectives of the game is to accumulate resources such as wood, stone and food over time and then spend this building stuff and feeding your population and army. There is some limited functionality for sending resources to others and therefore trading. Goodgame Studios have also recently introduced outposts, which are like mini castles you can capture and build up from scratch.

1. Drakensang

Drakensang Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that plays like a game of Diablo more than a game like World of WarCraft.  Drakensang Online is a browser-based MMO based on the PC game The Dark Eye: Drakensang.In this edition players fight against inhabitants of the dark realms invading the lands of Grimmagstone to Shorefolk.

Your hero will be exploring various dungeons and killing off hordes of monsters and dragons in the Anderworld, while also challenging others players in PvP matches. Embedding powerful spells into your swords and staffs add a new dimension to the gameplay as well.

This browser-based MMO means there is no need to download a game client, just send your friends the link and everyone will be dungeon crawling in the time it takes to create an account, much better than downloading a 6GB client install, possibly taking all day to complete.

The extraordinary 3D graphics and effects, along with the visually amazing game world make this next generation browser game one of the most popular in the category. This game is great for Dungeons and Dragons fans looking for a video game to play in a new universe.

We hope you enjoyed our best free browser MMORPG games for 2012 and don?t forget to share what you think are the best free to play browser games with us in the comments!

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