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In 2002 MindArk first commercially launched Project Entropia as a revolutionary new real cash economy MMO. This sci-fi themed MMO was based on the distant Planet of Calypso where users would explore a new world and attempt to establish a colony amongst the strange local inhabitants. In the years since its original launch Project Entropia evolved into Entropia Universe, adapting their virtual world game to the CryTEK 2 game engine in 2007 to ensure the graphics, in game physics and animations would provide a stunning environment for the players for years to come.

With their focus solely on development of the virtual world MindArk chose not to promote their game platform in a traditional sense. The occasional news story of virtual properties selling for six figure amounts was the main form of exposure for Entropia Universe to the gaming community. The potential to earn real income due to the direct exchange rate between the in game currency known as PED, and real world currency was the main motivation for these large virtual world purchases. The investors would earn PED from their virtual lands that they could then withdraw to their bank accounts.

Many game developers offer a fixed environment, and then come out with a new version of that environment when the players become bored. This typically requires the players to pay for a new expansion where they complete the new quests in a relatively short period of time. Caps on skills, professions and selective character classes have given those that immerse themselves in their games a very short experience before they have maximized their potential. This is shown quite clearly in the latest reports of WoW losing over 1 million players in the first quarter of 2013.

Entropia Universe has evolved and expanded on the same sandbox environment for years, giving you the choice of which path to follow. This has allowed the player base to build their skills, gear, and assets without having to change character class, max out their skills or have to start over with the newest version. As new features, environments, skills and equipment have become available it has been seamlessly integrated with the existing platform to allow the players to evolve alongside the virtual world.

Shortly after the games redevelopment on the CryTEK engine, Entropia Universe implemented the Planet Partner system. Where originally the virtual world existed only on one planet, it would now expand into multiple planets within a vast and growing universe. Each planet is owned and developed by an independent graphics studio, providing dungeons, planet environments, missions, and equipment unique to their chosen theme. This model has allowed the content within the Entropia Universe to evolve exponentially faster than before.


With one avatar, you explore a seamless universe that has no regional servers. So there is no fear of starting on a server separate from your friends and having to start over. You will be able to hunt in teams, socialize and explore the vast expanses of space and the planets with people from all over the real world.

If you enjoy MMO?s, then Entropia Universe will provide you with a constantly growing environment that requires no subscription fees. Break away for a few months and try the latest game release that excites you, your avatar will be waiting and the Entropia Universe will still be expanding to offer you more content than you could imagine when you return.

Read more about Entropia Universe here on MMO Attack.

Create your account and download the universe for free to see for yourself.

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