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With the age gap between old and young gamers growing, new gamers are growing up without the little things that the older gamers hold dear, because of this new gamers are beginning to lose their appreciation of what makes games today near perfect.

Video games have been popular for a long time now and yet most of the gamers today have no image of video games humble beginning.  A good chunk of gamers today have only owned the current generation of systems and have never played the original game to some of their favourite series, such as Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, or Resident Evil. This is a tragic thought because some of the best games out there are on older consoles. If you?re anything like me, then you know there is nothing more satisfying then finally getting your game to work after blowing into the game cartridge for 15 minutes. And after finally getting it to work you played some of the best games ever made; Duck Hunt, Super Mario Brothers, and Excitebike to name a few.

After 20 years of playing video games, older gamers such as myself appreciate what we have, we are always impressed by the amazing graphics and storylines that make games today near perfect. The problem with young gamers is that they take these things for granted. They expect crispgraphics and amazing storylines without knowing what it took to get to this point. Because of this good games are being destroyed online by young gamers simply because the graphics weren?t smooth enough or they didn?t like the ending. Older gamers were lucky to reach the ending let alone complain about it once they got there. Games were originally designed to get harder as the game progressed; making sure only the greatest of gamers reached the final level. These days just about everyone can reach the end of the game and they can usually do it in a day of non-stop gaming. The challenge of gaming has been replaced by death streaks and combos. Don?t get me wrong I love reaching that final cinematic scene in a game but I wish the gaming companies didn?t make me feel like I was just playing an interactive movie.

Now on to the multiplayer aspect, back in the day multiplayer was an amazing feature in which you and three friends crowded around a small TV and played Golden Eye or Mario Kart for hours. It was something social; it brought many friends to the same room to socialize. Today a young gamer can play against hundreds of people they don?t know while sitting all alone in their room. The result is having the online airwaves full of unsocial and often racist children. Now instead of swearing at their friends they are swearing at any old stranger. I don?t know about you, but I would take Golden Eye against three friends then all the headshots to strangers in the world.

Games today are nothing short of perfect, graphics are flawless, and story lines are nothing short of a masterpiece, however, one can not feel sorry for the younger generation of gamers who have missed out on some of the greatest games every made, not to mention many of the original games to series that are so popular today. Sure it was a pain blowing like crazy to get your game to start, but there was no greater feeling then hitting the power button and finally seeing the company logo. Because of the little things like this I pity the young gamers and I?m glad I was born in the gaming era that I was.

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