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Rating: 7

Intro: First it was a trilogy of books, then a trilogy of films, now The Godfather is a browser MMO strategy based game. You focus on building an empire in order to gain influence. You start off with a run down estate and you must level up a number of buildings on the estate to grow. Once you train troops you can attack nearby places in order to collect resources, armour and vehicles.

Publisher: Kabam

Player base: Medium

Graphics: Low

Type: Browser MMORTS

Exp Rate: Medium

PvP: Opens after a week

File size: N/A

Pros: Well planned quest line, Interesting Mafia theme.

Cons: Gets repetitive, Takes a long time to build resources.


The year is 1935, and the five biggest crime families of the century are at war. Join the fight and unite with one of the infamous Five Families as they fight for power on the streets of New York City. The time has come for one Family to take control of the fledgling Mafia underworld-- battle your way to the top and the entire city could be yours.

You are a young gangster starting out at building an empire. You have little money and own only a run down estate. You must build your empire into a thriving business and gain the respect of the five families.


Choose between a male and female avatar at the beginning. This is the only character customisation available.

The game is clearly laid out and uses quests to get you used to the game.

The map of the game is categorized into 3: The City, the Neighborhood and the Estate.

The City is where you can get a view of your own neighborhood, together with the Gangs and Cityscapes that surround you. It is here that you get to see the levels of the Gangs and the rewards that they offer should your attacks thrive against them. If you are new, do not be worried about any early attacks as you are given a seven-day immunity against any attacks so take this early opportunity to power up your empire.

The Neighborhood is basically where you build and power up your empire. Construction of buildings for your city is one of the first tasks/jobs in the game. Restaurants, Factories, Steel Mills, Apartments and Hideouts are built to generate Resources, Influence Points or Attack Units that are needed for future tasks. Upgrading these constructions will generate more items within a lesser span of time.

Lastly, the Estate is the fortress that you must defend at all costs. Here you will find facilities that generate defense units together with an Armory, a Warehouse, a Guard Post, the Walls, a Garage, a Library, a Guest House and most importantly, the Mansion. All these facilities work hand in hand together with the buildings in your neighborhood and every upgrade of any of the facility increases the overall power of the empire.

The resource system allows you to gather cash, food, cement and steel to fund your criminal empire. Build Cement and Steel mills and restaurants in order to develop these resources you will need in order to thrive in the game.

Research technologies in the research centre to unlock increased production of cement, steel and food as well as other technologies.

Train troops such as thugs and assassins in the training centre.

Levelling various things takes time and patience. You can speed up these things but you need items purchased with real money to do this, so if you do not spend you will be waiting a long time.

The Godfather is a nice game for those who like click and build type games such as Evony and Grepolis and the Mafia twist adds an extra element of excitement. Play Godfather 5 Families for FREE!

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