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MMO Attack is built around the community, first and foremost. So if you're reading this, we definitely want you to be a part of the community! Here's a sample of some of the great benefits joining our forums offers:

Free stuff!

Oh, you haven't heard? Well, that's probably because you're not on the forums yet. We have a karma system in place; the more active you are on the forums and in community events, the more karma you get. You can then trade it in for games, swag, gift cards, and other prizes.

Friends to game with

We've got a small but active community that loves to game together! You can often catch us pwning it up on League of  Legends, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2, just to name a few. (But don't worry, we play on consoles too!) We've even got a RaidCall channel we can use for voice chat!

Gaming together is a great way to make friends with people who live across the country from  you (or even in another country!), and hey - it beats pub games, right?

Game recommendations

Bored with your existing game library? Name some games you loved and we'll be able to recommend more that you'll like! Our community is so diverse - ranging from PC to consoles to handhelds; tower defenses to FPSes, and everything in-between. You name it, we've got someone who's played it!

Direct input into site direction

We often look to our community to gather opinions on new projects or video series that we begin around here. This community feedback really helps us in making decisions on what series to put more resources into, and as a new site we rely heavily on our existing community's reactions to gauge what will perform best and how to draw more people in.

Since our community is still on its way up, it's much easier to listen to individual opinions and take more into consideration.

Entertainment at any hour of the day (or night)

Our community is quite diverse - we've got staff and community members from across the U.S., Canada, and even Australia, spanning 5 different time zones as of now. Plus, we all have different schedules - some of us are night owls, others have to get up early for work, and some become downright nocturnal on weekends! All that adds up to mean that on any day, at any time, there'll be someone awake and looking to waste time on the internet; forums and our Raidcall channel are the perfect places to do just that!

A 24-hour tech support line

Going off the previous point, having at least a handful of friends awake at any given time means that you always have someone to ask when you're having computer problems, want advice on which new headset to buy, or spilled beer on your keyboard at 2 AM and need to know right away how to save it. Not that I've done that or anything...

A network of support

Many of our forums-goers are super talented and creative, and we love helping them out and watching as they help each other. Have a YouTube series you're trying to get off the ground? We'll be there to encourage you, help out with ideas, and spread the word.  Or maybe you've got a big job interview to prepare for - we'll help out with advice, tips, or simply good vibes.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the forums today! Seriously, stop reading this cheesy post. My enthusiasm is running out.

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