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5. BFG 9000 ? (Doom)

You can search for what the acronym means, just know this gun is quite big. So big in fact that Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson looked tiny with it in the horrible movie adaptation. The oversized weapon shoots green balls of antimatter that immediately destroy enemies with direct hits. The weapon itself is entertaining because nothing needs to be that big. In fact the gun is only halfway down the list because of over emphasis. For such a humongous creation you would expect to be able to plow through everything but usage is somewhat limited. In the end it is still a gargantuan creation that makes killing enemies easier and surprisingly even more fun.

4. Gravity Gun ? (Half Life 2)

Darth Vader would scoff at the creation, but not everyone can use the force to control objects around them. The gravity gun takes first person shooting to a new level, being able to control objects and people with an advanced physics engine. There is so much humor and entertainment in throwing interactive environment at enemies. Something is even more enjoyable about grabbing an enemy and launching him into the distance. Come on, they are bad guys and deserve it! Few weapons are like the gravity gun as it is harmless on its own. A field of grass is not the ideal location to use the weapon, but most anywhere else can be turned into an interactive playground. Like others on this list the gravity gun can give players a nice break from the norm. Sometimes you just want to see what an item is capable of and take time to experience the many aspects of the game designers make possible.

3. Attack Helicopters (Battlefield Series)

There have been a number of different vehicles spawned from the Battlefield series over the years. None seem more fun to experience than the attack helicopters. The vehicle allows a teammate to provide support via gunner seat while the pilot controls direction. The visual experience is extremely invigorating in these helicopters. The helicopters justify why the series is called Battlefield, giving a perfect view of complete mayhem when flying high enough. The vehicle is protected mostly from ground fire and some even include weapon attachments. Overall the experience is one of a kind and really makes the player feel like they are in the heart of a war. Anyone who has the chance to play a Battlefield game on the PC should definitely grab an empty helicopter and take flight the first chance they get. Blowing up tanks has never looked so beautiful!

2. The Redeemer ? (Unreal Tournament)

Thermonuclear warhead launcher. I?ll say it again. Thermonuclear, warhead, launcher. This is exactly what the Redeemer represents. This is not only the most powerful weapon in the Unreal Tournament series, but probably trumps the intensity of any other weapon you can find in a PC game. As the weapon covers the majority of the screen, the player finds a spot to set up and launch the enemy-seeking death missile. The aspect that makes the Redeemer literally soar above all is that the player controls its outcome with pinpoint accuracy. The character sets up the weapon and the screen changes into a first person camera view essentially making the player become the warhead. Having freedom to travel and a presence that scatter opponents gives a player control over the entire level. This weapon provides the user with a dominating moment that can?t be replicated. The most amazing thing about the Redeemer is that its explosion bias is small enough to ensure that anyone using it although instilling fear can only affect a few select players. Without breaking the balance of the game, the Redeemer grants players of all skill levels a moment of excellence from a visually stimulating and entertaining viewpoint.

1. Portal Gun ? (Portal)

The capabilities of this handheld portal device are amazing. The gun allows players to create a visual and physical connection between two locations. These doorways work in all styles of games but look brilliant specifically in a three dimensional world. The entertainment aspect of this device extends further than dimensional connection. The physics of the game create unique situations where a player?s momentum from jumping vertically into a portal becomes redirected, launching them horizontally through another portal to achieve their goals. A reverse process can be similarly used to accomplish difficult tasks. The required use of the device is genius and it is sure to be the leading reason for the popularity behind a surprisingly short game.

Interestingly, the Portal Gun has more than just practical uses. With a magnificent physics engine, players can create their own unique portal placements with interesting effects. Well placed portals can create extremely fun physical impossibilities like items endlessly falling through space and portal views of infinite regression. Redirecting lasers and surprise attacking enemies from above, behind, or below are incomparable experiences. There has never been so much entertainment and usage from a non lethal weapon. Players can rely on endless entertainment outside the Portal storyline and are sure to have unforgettable experiences. Just be careful not to get nauseated when jumping into an endless loop! <- Back to First Page

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