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Image of Making A Pokemon MMORPG - Why It Makes Sense

The gaming community has seen an influx of MMORPG creations over the years. Gamers are seeing new titles being released everyday through almost every outlet, ranging from big name companies to independent Kickstarter campaigns. With all the success in the MMO world it?s hard to imagine a company that would willingly stay away from such innovation. But that company does exist, and its name is Nintendo.

Thanks to the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the most requested title to transition to an MMORPG now clearly comes from fans of the increasingly popular series, Pokemon. Is there any reason why Nintendo would want to restrict such a successful franchise from expanding even further? Sadly the answer is yes, but it?s not nearly enough to condemn a series that seems destined to produce one of the best MMORPGs ever made.

Pokemon has tons of content primed for the MMO world. This series will discuss many topics ranging from trainer and Pokemon builds, to gameplay and battle mechanics. These topics will ultimately support bringing Pokemon fans their long awaited MMO experience with some of their favorite creations in gaming. I The following points are sure to prove just how much time Nintendo is wasting every day they let this opportunity pass them by, along with the amazing experience that fans are missing out on because of it.

Successful RPG

The first of countless reasons that makes Pokemon primed for the MMO world is the series? success as an RPG. Gamers have seen both video and tabletop role-playing games transcend into MMO greatness over the years, such as with Final Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons. One of the biggest driving forces behind the creation of those games was their immensely popular fan base, a trait that Pokemon definitely has in common. The innovation of evolving the Pokemon role-playing game to a mass multiplayer scale would be a great way for Nintendo to draw in an even wider fan base by breaking into the online market.

There are already so many fans of this RPG that it justifies implementing some form of mass multiplayer experience where they can all join together. If you think about it, jumping into the MMORPG race would be the best move to reenergize any previously and currently existing Pokemon fans. Fans are constantly looking for their favorite games to expand, but players will always cling to the qualities that once had them so vehemently addicted.

Catch 'em all

One of the biggest complaints since Pokemon?s birth is how most of its sequels lack giving fans the ability to catch some of their older favorites. What better way to ?Catch em? all? than in a game that would actually present players will the ability to at some point see all 649 pokemon? An MMORPG would connect with every Pokemon fan by giving each player the choice to seek the best lineup of creatures from each generation of gameplay, while improving on graphics that have always been limited by systems like the Gameboy and DS.

The Pokemon universe already has a huge cache of established NPC?s from their long running television and game series, providing material for both storyline and battle experiences. Pokemon also has an established battle system that fits an MMO well, even if the current training system does not. If players can experience leveling up together instead of just against NPCs, the game will have full success, even if developers will have headaches creating it.


The biggest selling point for Nintendo to undertake this mission is that the world of Pokemon is based on competition with others. In the midst of handheld RPG greatness, the games have accidentally established a perfect mass multiplayer environment for player verse player events. Following a central storyline to reach the top of the Pokemon League will give players unity in their endeavors along with endless combinations of friendly competition on the side.

Do think Pokemon is suited for the MMO world? Make sure to check back next Friday, when I delve into the topic further by discussing the possibilities of having pokemon in an MMORPG setting.

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