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Rating: 9

Intro: Released by Trion Worlds in early 2011, Rift takes place in the world of Telara where players take on the personality of an "Ascended." Two competing factions of Ascended, the Guardians and the Defiant, battle through the monsters of Telara in an effort to bring down Regulos, a dragon god bent on the complete destruction of Telara. This game has been consistently popular since its release and provides masses of entertainment.

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Player base: High

Graphics: High


Exp Rate: Medium

PvP: Open/Battlegrounds

File size: 9.4 GB

Pros: Massive character customisation ability, Dynamic gameplay,

Cons: Some class imbalance, Subscription requirement ($14.00 p.m)


Of all the worlds in the universe, only Telara was constructed entirely of sourcestone at an unprecedented nexus of the elemental planes. Elemental energies that come into contact with sourcestone become tangible, and Telara, so heavily influenced by every element, boasts incredible diversity and wealth.

Telara?s resources are capable of providing its people endless prosperity, if only they could share the wealth and keep the world safe from those who would plunder it. Though Telara always knew its share of strife, the Blood Storm and the rifts brought entire new plateaus of horror, leading to the edge of oblivion.


RIFT provides many playable races to choose from. Each race has its own characteristic look, unique racial ability, and distinctive background story. Races also belong to one of two opposing factions, either Guardian or Defiant. Each race will offer players its own set of advantages and disadvantages during gameplay. The races are Dwarves, Elves, Mathosian, Bahmi, Eth and Kelari.

Players choose an Ascended Soul from one of the four callings (Warrior, Cleric,Mage, and Rogue) at character creation. These initial souls, which grow in power as they become more specialized, are flexible and have well-rounded abilities that make them great for both solo and group experiences. Players can later choose to augment, or even replace, embraced souls with other souls from within their calling. The process of enabling souls that players discover in their adventures is called Soul Attunement.

Players will also gain more specialized "Heroic Souls" that open up a number of new and exciting gameplay experiences, offering special achievements and rewards for players who discover them all.

Conquest delivers the feel of open world PvP, throwing you into cross-shard battles over alternate versions of zones you thought you knew. Three factions have arisen ? Oathsworn, Dominion, and Nightfall ? each with their own vision for the future of the Ascended. Choose your side and strive for victory with a huge number of teammates as you tackle spreading warfare, PvE objectives, crafting goals, land-control mechanics, and more on a battlefield the size of an entire zone.

Every Ascended can master up to three tradeskills. Whether smithing elemental power into a blade or weaving brilliance into a robe, these reborn heroes use tradeskills to arm themselves with the fruits of their own genius. They finance their adventures by selling materials and wares on the open market, every sale a step toward confronting the Blood Storm.

Every player experiences a different adventure in the living, breathing world of Telara. RIFT? has all of the traditional quests and deep story arcs you expect from a fantasy MMO role-playing game, but there is unpredictability to life in Telara that guarantees even familiar terrain can offer new dangers and opportunities.

Whether it?s a previously peaceful farm being ravaged by demons, a tranquil forest glen suddenly ripped apart by a violent rift, or merely an unassuming traveling merchant with astounding wares, spontaneous events are taking place all across Telara for you to discover and take part in.

The ebb and flow of activity in Telara is always changing. Thousands of unexpected encounters are occurring at any moment, making every adventure unique ? with more being added all the time. And just like in real life, you can revisit favorite haunts to see what's different, adding a novel sense of exploration to even well-trodden ground.

This game is a great example of what can be done with the right team of developers with the right idea and is a game not to be missed!

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