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9:00am - Good Morning everyone and thanks for tuning in to our Live Feed at San Diego Comic Con for 2012. Please be sure to stay tuned as we continually update you on our status throughout the day.

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9:30am - Look how beautiful she is! The San Diego Convention Center in sunny (not so sunny today) San Diego. Comic Con 2012 is upon us!


9:50am - Badges, check!


10:15am - Testing out the fisheye on my iPhone. This is a sweet looking car from The Walking Dead.


11:00am - I know there are a ton of toys here at Comic Con, but these Halo 4 figures caught our eye. Maybe it's because we are into gaming? Could that be why?


11:15am - Great idea for when waiting in line. LEGO wall. What should we draw? I already saw the Reddit alien, so scratch that.


11:50 am - I want! No I mean, I really want! Not sure of the logistics behind flying vehicles and all, but could be cool. At the Total Recall booth.


12:15am - Too crowded inside to get some food let's try D'oh!


1:45pm - She said she wouldn't kill me because I was so nice!


2:00pm - Starting an interview with Derek Smart, the lead designer for the free to play sci-fi MMOFPS Line of Defense. Video will be out the MMO Attack Games youtube channel soon! Be sure to check it out.

2:15pm - Weta! These are the guys that make visual effects for your favorite TV and movie shows. Some very realistic and giant creatures here.


3:00pm - Don't forget to bring a towel with you to Comic Con. It gets pretty sweaty in there.


3:30pm - Only way to steal from Gollum is the sneak around.


4:00pm - What is this? I don't even ..


4:15pm - To Infiniti and beyo... Oops, wrong super hero.


4:45pm - Gotta take a bathroom break, but these two dogs are taking up the only spot out front! Maybe there's something inside.


5:00pm - Whoooaa! You're a little close there Sea Captain. Trying to get some hot cosplay shots.


5:30pm - Lined up the light just right. You can thank me later Gandalf.



Day 2: Today we have interviews set-up with Brendon Lindsey, the VP of Content for GameSamba to preview the latest chapter of their anime-inspired, free-to-play MMO,Remnant Knights: Heroes of Kasmari, and for a private preview of their latest unannounced title, JollyGrim. We are also going to check out the brand new trailer for the Game of Thrones MMORPG game.

10:00am - Good Morning Comic Con!


10:30am - Looks like Shrek made the long trip out from .. Wherever he's from.


11:00am - Man we love this cosplay stuff! Maybe we should dress up next year.



12:00pm - Hope the girlfriend doesn't mind. If she asks, say its for work!


12:30pm - I think we've found the holy grail of cosplay!


12:45pm - Just had an interview at the Dark Horse booth with Joe from Bigpoint Games. Got to talk about The Game of Thrones MMO and take a look at the new trailer for the game.

1:00pm - Jason Biggs and some others doing a signing for Ninja Turtles.


1:30pm - Random cosplay shot time.




2:00pm - Stan Lee is speaking over at the YouTube lounge.



2:30pm - Scored some YouTube socks! Will have to wear these in a video soon.


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