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Image of Seven of the Most Insane Minecraft Projects Ever Completed

For those of you who don?t know already, I play Minecraft ? probably a bit more than is healthy. That said, I like to think I?m a pretty decent architect. I mean, everything I put together looks pretty damned good, and I?ve always got an idea or two on the backburner. Of course, then I look at some of the stuff others have done?

And I can?t help but feel a little inadequate.

There are some people out there who aren?t simply in a different class; they?re in an entirely different school.  Between them, they?ve put out some downright legendary builds ? here are just a few I?ve come across. There are so many out there that I?m certain I missed a few ? and that?s where you folks come in.

For now, though, let?s get to talking.


We?ll start with a build that?s recent memory for many of you ? Westeros, the setting from George R. R. Martin?s Song of Ice and Fire series. Though the project can?t be attributed to any one builder (a whole team?s been putting their blood, sweat, and tears into its construction) Westeroscraft, as it?s called, looks downright terrific. I don?t think I?m exaggerating when I say that it?s probably one of the most fantastic projects I?ve ever seen. It?s pure eye candy.

Redstone Computing:

This one isn?t impressive as much for its architectural design as it is for the amount of effort ? and intelligence ? it must?ve taken to put it together. YouTube user theinternetftw managed a few years ago to put together a fully functional 16-bit ALU computer using only redstone and switches. I?m not ashamed to say that the stuff he discusses in the video ? and how, exactly, he managed to design such a system ? is beyond me. Another particularly impressive project comes from insanesuperclown; who managed to put together a computer complete with a working desktop. Although his design seems to be a touch more aesthetic in nature than the first one, it?s no less impressive for the amount of work it must have required.


I?ve always been a sucker for the Legend of Zelda series ? after all, it?s one of the franchises that I grew up with. You?ll understand, then, why I chose to include Hyrulecraft on the list. It?s a fully-functional, 1:1 scale model of the world of Hyrule, constructed from the ground up in Minecraft. Nothing else really needs to be said here. Sadly, this project is still under construction (the beta has yet to release) ,but that doesn?t make it any less cool. 

The USS Enterprise

You?d be surprised how many people actually worked to build a scale model of Star Treks USS Enterprise, particularly given the size of the thing. People still manage, and there are some downright incredible models. A particular favorite of mine is Buzz66boy?s, which in addition to being built at a 1:1 scale, includes a working self-destruct button. Not too shabby, eh? 

UNSC Spirit of Fire:

Here?s another project that not only looks awesome, but is impressive based on sheer scale alone ? a fully explorable re-creation of the UNSC Spirit of Fire from the Halo franchise. This behemoth is over 2.5 kilometers long, and incorporated almost twenty million blocks into its construction. The user, xXDarknessXx, has since gone on to construct a Covenant Corvette.


The last two Bioshock games took place deep, deep under the sea, in the decaying underwater city of Rapture. I guess Irrational Games decided it was time for a change of scenery, as Bioshock Infinite takes place in the flying city of Columbia, which, let?s be honest ? looks downright incredible. Even though the game?s not even out yet, several Minecraft users have taken it upon themselves to create a working model of what we?ve seen of the city thus far ? ilikecutepeople?s build even includes a working skyline (or as close an approximation as is possible in Minecraft).

The City of Kargeth:

A number of Minecraft servers encourage their players to split off into factions and craft their own cities ? but it?s actually pretty rare that these cities display the sort of aesthetic appeal and clear planning which was involved with the construction Kargeth.  It?s tough to look at that video without being at least marginally impressed, even if you?ve never played Minecraft before.

Anyway, there?s just a sampling of some of the best builds I?ve seen. I know I?m missing quite a few from this list ? and here?s where you fine folks come in. What are some of the most insane, impressive, and beautiful projects you?ve ever seen?

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