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We're back with our top picks for City-Builders in 2014.  This is a list of city management style strategy games that will give you plenty to do in the new year.  No, these games aren't brand new for 2014, but they are some of the best game that are out on the market today, and are continually update by the publishers and developers, which was a major selling point for us.  No one likes to be playing a game that's stuck in the doldrums with no updates and news from the ones who actually made the game.  But I digress.

Today I have a great list of the ten best free city-building games that are leading the way in 2014.  Let's get building!

10. The West

The West may show some age after thousands of duels in the frontiers of the American Plains, but what it lacks of pretty visuals, is a great city-builder. This management / adventure game will have you dueling enemies while exploring new lands and setting up a homestead.

9. Grepolis

Grepolis is another wildly themed city-builder, this time, taking place in the antiquated world of Greece. This huge strategy game lets you control troops and gods alike as you follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Odysseus and Helen of Troy

8. Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is just that, War between tribes in the middle-ages. This free online browser game from Innogames has you building up both your city and your army as you conquer enemy territories to bring wealth and glory to you and your peoples.

7. Dragon City

Dragon City is a Facebook game where you breed your own dragons in a world of magical islands. Don't let the Facebook tag fool you, the game is quite enjoyable, and the fact that you breed your own unique dragons in addition to building up your city.

6. Wartune

Wartune has gotten some flack lately by using their scantily clad woman advertising campaigns ala Evony from a few years ago. But we can look past that for a decent city-builder. No, it's not winning any awards, but the developer does spend time and money on their product, which means it's got the latest bells and whistles.

5. Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms has been around the block a few times. But that just means it's tried and true, and one of the most recognizable city-builder, city-management games out there. If you've not tried out Stronghold, then maybe you're in for a treat!

4. Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is one of the newest city builders around, and boy does it show that off. Wonderful voice-acting, bright colors, awesome RPG elements and more, make this one of the hottest management games in the business right now. Pirate fans will love it too!

3. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a classic city-builder / management game that many will recognize. In the game you start with a small settlement as you fight throughout history and build your empire in the industrial age.

2. ANNO Online

ANNO Online is the free strategic browser game from the award-winning ANNO series, which has been making games in the genre for years. This simulation game allows you to build and develop big medieval cities as you try to conquer, the whole world pretty much.

1. The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online takes city-building games to a whole new level. The Settlers series has been wowing fans since the original game came out in 1993. This award-winning browser game should be played by all!

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