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Half a year ago, MMO Attack rung in the new year by discussing the top MMORPGs to keep an eye on in 2013. Some of the games have released successfully as planned, while others have fallen flat or pushed to a later date. A lot can change in six months. That?s why I felt the need to hunt down the remaining MMORPGs that are due to still (possibly) release by the time 2013 is over. Some of these games may need to fit into your niche of gaming to get you excited, but each will undoubtedly create a great online experience for millions of players worldwide. So before another month of changes goes by, here are 10 of the best MMORPGs aiming to still be released before 2014 hits.

10. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms

If you don't recognize the title of this MMO, you've likely been sheltered from the rest of the world by a giant wall of ice. Or maybe you just don't like HBO programming. Regardless of your viewing preference, the MMORPG set in George R.R. Martin's fantasy world is getting ready for its 2013 release. This will be just the first of many games that could see delays until next year. If all goes according to plan though, players will be immersed in some impressive visual gameplay before they know it. Private, closed, and open beta periods will provide the much sought information about this MMO until its public release. The early phases of the online game will also allow community feedback that Bigpoint (the game?s developer) claims will be critical to final development. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms is a 3D browser based MMO built using the Unity Engine. HBO has collaborated with developers to help bring a successfully arching storyline that takes place after the events of the TV shows first season. You won't see remakes of an already known story, nor do you need to be a Game of Thrones fan to enjoy and progress through this MMORPG. When there's a free-to-play title that accurately emulates a cult following though, you can be sure it's going to be a big deal.

9. Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter isn't exactly a small name when it comes to role-playing games. The games are so popular in fact that people worldwide are discussing the new MMO adaptation, despite it currently only releasing in China. There's no confirmation of the MMO coming to the west yet, but fans are making their voices heard in hopes that it one day will. You can't imagine this Monster Hunter being region locked when so many others in the series have been successful in the US. Capcom and Tracent Games very recently released the first gameplay trailer of actual monsters that will be encountered. Like every other update about the game, people can't stop talking about it.

The battle system in Monster Hunter has always been unique, but implementing it so smoothly into a massive world is quite an accomplishment for developers.  The game is developed using CryEngine 3, so graphics won't be an issue. Players won't need a top of the line computer to run the game either. No matter what enemy you encounter, the experience will be optimized to the settings of the computer you are using to play. The brilliant boss-esque battles in the Monster Hunter series work seamlessly in a genre that utilizes huge location based battles. Even raids will have that one baddie you just don't want to get near. It doesn't matter what enemy you come across though. Monster Hunter Online is going to be a success. Let's just hope it chooses to do so in America sooner than later.

8. Might and Magic: Heroes Onlne

As a big fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise, I had always dreamed of what it would be like to experience the brilliant game mechanics in a massive world. With the upcoming release of Might and Magic: Heroes Online, it's clear there were plenty of other fans that wanted the same thing. This MMORPG finally brings back those awesome hex grid battles on a greater scale. It also connects players to each other to create a constantly active gaming environment. This personally makes a fan like me happy, as my days spent with Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete were plagued with online flaws. Farewell direct IP connect through dial-up!

Yikes, Might and Magic sure has come a long way. The game requires no download and can be played in your browser. It offers customizable heroes, fantasy environments, and a complex battle system. The older Heroes titles had free online play so it's very nice the newest version is flee-to-play also. This game really stays true to the authentic Heroes gameplay experience too. This is definitely a game that will make a large fan base happy. It may also bring many of those fans to the MMO forefront. Might and Magic: Heroes Online is currently in pre-testing, but fans can already sign up for the beta through the games website. Slap on some good graphics, co-op battles, and successful online features; and you've arrived at one of the better MMORPGs that could still be released in 2013.

7. World of Darkness

World of Darkness was conceptually announced back in 2006. Seven years later, players are still patiently waiting. Although this game has no official 2013 release date, there are plenty of signs giving fans hope that they?ll see this playable vampire MMO soon. World of Darkness is backed by the team behind EVE Online. Having a group of developers that helped create one of the most successful MMO communities in existence is definitely a good start. Another factor supporting this games 2013 release is the fact that it was once planned to open in 2012. With the maverick EVE team finally releasing Dust 514; focus can shift fully toward World of Darkness.

World of Darkness is vampire themed MMORPG that takes place in an urban setting. Graphically impressive cityscapes will provide plenty of cover for immortal creatures of the night. PvE heavy environments will keep a dark city active, while a massive world gives vampire fans a brilliant new way to stalk their victims. With the promise of permadeth being a feature, vampirism can work perfectly in this open world. This looks to be a fantastic MMORPG that was clearly just delayed because of a priority choice by CCP Games. Developers have been extremely honest as to not mislead players about the current state of the game, but the sneak peak given at EVE Fanfest this year was more than enough to support the possible release of World of Darkness toward the end of 2013.

6. Dragon's Prophet

Viewers of our Top 10 Open Beta MMO list we openly honest about the fact that we left out Dragon's Prophet. Sadly, the list was made just before the game moved into open beta. Now it's time to alert the rest of the world of what MMO Attack fans already know - that Dragon's Prophet is going to be a big MMORPG release for 2013. The game may have actually placed higher before hitting the actual beta, as it has come under some fire for its limited character customization and low selection of items. This may all change with the actual release; but none of us can really know that, now can we?

Despite the missteps this game is dealing with, it's going to be good. The developers already made the successful Runes of Magic. Now they are delivering a western style fantasy MMO, jam packed with Dragons. Communicate with them, use them for travel, battle together, and be part of their amazing lives. This game will absolutely satisfy fans of Dragons, but has so much more to offer. As a user-friendly MMO, new players won't feel overwhelmed. Experienced gamers will also feel at home, as they can customize the way they train their dragons to their liking. It may be just another MMORPG creating an immersive fantasy world, but it almost positively going to be another good one. Well, good enough for a number six spot anyway right?

5. City of Steam

Players are still seeing updates to the open beta of this MMORPG. City of Steam went into open beta with some of the expected classes and races missing. This week marks the inclusion of Dwarves, Greenskins, and Channelers. Other changes include an increased level cap, new quests, and additional PvP events. This is one of the final steps toward the games full release, which is fast approaching. City of Steam is aiming to fully open in August, but don?t be surprised if it takes until the end of the 3rd quarter. MMO fans have been clamoring for City of Steam all year.  There were some lackluster reviews along the way, but what do you expect from closed betas?

Developers took player reviews from the closed beta very seriously. Most of the complaints about mechanics and overall game experience have since been fixed, it seems. City of Steam is a free-to-play online game that covers all corners of traditional MMORPGs.  Whether you want to beat people up with your skilled melee attacks, or put distance between you and your enemy with mage-like spell casting; this MMO will give you many chances to excel. The in-game crafting system has extremely desirable benefits and seems less tedious then some other online titles. A complex storyline will detail the rich history of a unique steampunk universe, while characters build distinct personalities that are shaped by their many different experiences.

4. The Repopulation

After making a splash with a new trailer at PAX East this year, The Repopulation is inching closer and closer to its unofficial release date; whenever that truly may be. The game was said to launch at the end of July, but there has been no recent confirmation of such. Still, things are looking good for this sci-fi sandbox MMORPG. The innovation in The Repopulation is in a league of its own. The game utilizes two modes of combat, called Action Mode and RPG Mode. Instead of getting a great MMO hybrid that mixes classic RPG battles with real-time action; players get an even greater MMO title that allows direct choice over which fighting style will be used in each encounter. Tweaks in combat like Limb Targeting and different Postures will seem small, but have drastically different effects.

Battle mechanics are not the only advanced attribute characters will experience.  An advanced crafting system (shown in another PAX East 2013 trailer) allows players to create over a thousand different variations of items. Each crafting endeavor will be supported different trade skills, which are all determined by the player. Join a guild and help populate unique cities, or take part in the games fantastic harvesting system, which supports both crafting and combat. Did I mention there are also no levels in this game?

The Repopulation truly is endless. No level cap will keep players returning. Sandbox qualities and customizable missions will keep the game changing. Training different pets will create bonds with virtual friends, while guilds will help to connect with real ones. This is a truly unique MMORPG, and one that gamers should not overlook when it's finally released in 2013.

3. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I was lucky enough to play the public Ifrit battle at E3 this year, and boy was it a blast. Sure my team may have lost the battle, but I?m psyched for the full release of this MMO revival.  As a huge fan of Final Fantasy XI, I consider A Realm Reborn an aesthetic MMO godsend. The gameplay is so smooth. It makes you feel like a child, staring at something shiny for the first time. This is obviously just my opinion, so it will help to know the game is on a new Luminous graphics engine. Don?t feel too overwhelmed either, because graphics can even be customized to fit lower computer settings. The game looks beautiful, but there are plenty of other reasons supporting the rejuvenation of this once failed MMORPG.

Besides the announcement of future PS4 compatibility, the most recent change brought to the game was the addition of Arcanist and Summoner classes.  Regardless if you like the new classes or not, your class will change based on the weapons you are using. This is great for players like me, who change their mind a lot when there are so many options in MMORPGs. The FATE (Full Active Time Event) system is a wonderful addition to the game too. Players can take part in random zone specific events, working together to obtain rare loot and experience boosts. Oh and if 7 battle classes, 11 crafting classes, and 9 jobs weren?t enough; you can be sure there will be more added in the future (although probably through expansion).

Square Enix had to make drastic changes to FFXIV if they ever wanted to see it compete in the MMO market. Luckily, it looks like developers achieved just that. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is what its predecessor should have been the entire time. With much needed changes to the games mechanics and improved features being added, this looks to be the revival of Final Fantasy MMO dominance that fans have been hoping for. Despite already having an entire audience of Final Fantasy fans waiting for its 2013 release, the changes in A Realm Reborn have created a comfortable experience that will satisfy fans of almost any MMORPG.

2. Wildstar

If you've seen our other Top 10 videos, you were probably expecting another high spot for this MMORPG. Touted as this year's "WoW Killer", Wildstar has been nothing but promising throughout its improved development. Housing is easily one of the most talked about aspects in the game, as players will have themepark-esque freedom throughout their development. Carbine Studios has recently put heavy emphasis on crafting professions though. The company hopes to give players a fun crafting experience rather than the mundane processes you find in most MMOs. Trading between other players and auction house functions will heavily support a players crafting endeavors. These professions are entirely optional though, and are just one of the many experiences players can look forward to in Wildstar if they so choose.

Wildstar provides character progression and massive environments like most MMORPGs do. Overall graphics and gameplay in this MMORPG have mixed reviews though, in that they are very cartoony and wacky. It's a good thing so many gamers are nerds. Many players will find great satisfaction through the zany style of some video games.  Unique battle mechanics and art style are especially alluring when the genre a title belongs to is flooded by so many of the same "sword and shield" RPG style games. This is an MMORPG that openly states it's trying to bring witty personality back to MMO gaming. Most negative reviews for this game come from players who just have a dislike for nutty characters. After a solid showing that allowed players to test the game at E3, Wildstar is definitely a game worth judging for yourself when it's finally released later this year.

1. Path of Exile

Fans of the dungeon crawling adventures in Diablo 3 and Torchlight II will feel right at home in Path of Exile. MMO Attack had a chance to sit down with Lead Designer Chris Wilson during GDC this year to talk about this awesome MMORPG. One of the first things Wilson mentions is how he got to interview Jay Wilson, the former Game Director of Diablo III, and how he asked where the team at Blizzard went wrong. Okay fine, and the few places they went right too. It seems like the discussion is paying off too because there are far more fans raving about Path of Exile these days, and it's not even out of beta yet.

Chris Wilson goes on to mention how him and his team are action RPG fans, and that's what they hoped to breath into the MMO genre. Anyone who has gravitated toward hack-and-slash action games will love Path of Exile. Unique pets, looting, and an item-driven economy will help satisfy most players, but there are plenty of other MMORPG factors present here too. The game may seem to have a limited selection of classes (six), but they are more than enough to support one of the most complex skill trees every created.

The skill system is what sets this game far above any other releasing in 2013. A still shot of an empty skill tree just screams endless potential, and has no doubt made many an MMO fan beg for beta entrance. This game has intense character focus, which appeals more to hardcore gamers than casual ones looking to break into the genre. Still, the game is satisfying almost every participant and has oddly become more popular than similar competitors because of positive reviews.

Developers are hoping for a September release, but as always it could be a bit longer. Regardless, this game is going to be a complete success. You have the obvious boasting of the Grinding Gear Games to support the game, and months of reviews from true action fans to back it up? What more does a game need to justify its top spot on the list of MMORPGs to still be released in 2013?

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