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MMO Attack has covered some great strategy games in the past. Early this month we tackled the Top 10 Best Tactics MMOs, and before that we handled the Top 10 Best MOBAs. Sadly, those two lists were fit to a specific genre. Many of the games you will see making another appearance on this list, but there are also a few new additions that couldn't be ignored when discussing online strategy games.

There are so many MMO games that involved strategy nowadays it can even be difficult breaking down the genre. Every MMO involves strategy on some level. Many titles emphasize on strategy though by utilizing specific styles of tactics, teamwork, and turn-based planning. The MMORTS Goodgame Empire missed the cut on our list, but was notably voted best strategy browser game of the year by MMO fans in 2013. Lord of Ultima was another exclusion this time around. The game is arguably deserving of being on this list, but stumbles when viewed comparatively to anything it could replace. There are just too many good strategy games out there.

The famous DotA in fact got bumped right off this list despite being such a good game. The title may still be fun, and people may still play it; but it's out of date. One could argue how good of a game Super Mario Bros. 3 is for the NES, but there won't be one Nintendo fan suggesting that you play it before the many newer successes like Mario 64, or Super Mario Galaxy. This is a list that should ultimately provide players with ten of the most entertaining and strategy centric games on the MMO market. Popularity plays a big factor in this list. Despite endless complaints about the mainstream state of some titles in the gaming industry, popularity does a great job predicting an enjoyable experience for the majority of people who do actually end up playing.

10. End of Nations

End of Nations is an MMORTS for windows that focuses on using traditional strategy in a massively persistent world. The game incorporates the many qualities you come to expect in an MMO game; including class features, crafting, and guild functionality. The game has PvP and PvE scenarios that require solid cooperation between allies. End of Nations is wrapping up its beta, which is part of what places it so low on our list. When it comes to strategy though, this is one MMO you will want to keep your eye on. The game comes packed with plenty of maps, each providing different objectives and victory conditions. Some maps will allow more players than others too, so strategy is always changing. There?s no one  sure way to victory in this MMORTS, a shared trend with the other games on this Top 10 list. A free-to-play game model is present in End of Nations, and the popularity of the trend in the MMO genre doesn?t mean players should overlook the benefit. Jump into this amazing MMO right now to take part in brilliant warfare strategies that feature two factions facing off for territorial dominance.

9. ECOL Tactics

Although this game ranked high on our Tactics list, it pales in comparison to the overall strategy you'll find in other MMOs on this list. When it comes to classic tactical gameplay, Ecol Tactics knows exactly what it's doing. You'll need strategy when it comes to other players, but you'll mostly need it against the games expansive storyline. Knowing the right time to attack and use skills is knowing the right strategy toward success. The lack of MMO interaction is where this game falls short. Yes it exists, but general chat tends to be slow and not many people feel the need to use it even if they can. Still, freedom over character customization and a PvP arena does this game great justice. Any fan looking for an online tactics game that will implement their own strategy will find it in this free-to-play, turn-based MMORPG. There are few games that implement classic tactical gameplay with modern online mechanics, making Ecol Tactics a solid addition to the MMO genre.

8. Heroes of Newerth

When it comes to  MOBA list, Heroes of Newerth is a top competitor. The game took the MMO community by storm in the past year, warranting a Best MOBA award at PAX East 2013. This is an online game that prides itself around the intense popularity of the growing MOBA genre. This is a Top 10 strategy games list though. We are looking for repeat experiences of entertainment. When it comes to a fun strategy game, Heroes of Newerth suffers the same flaws as Dota 2, with less of a following. Still, this MMO has a supportive community and continues to go through improvements. Like many games on this list, strategy relies on the competence of your team. Players can improve their skills, but Heroes of Newerth is a true MOBA and basis itself off team interactions and playing specific roles. If this game continues to grow and improve at the speed it has in the past year, we'll have no choice but to move it even higher on the long list of MMO strategy games.

7. Frontline Tactics

This addictive military MMO can be played on the PC, Mac, and mobile iOS devices. The cross-platform turned based gameplay won't hold your hand in this online game. Players are expected to build a tactical strategy or be defeated. Those experienced with strategy games will definitely have a leg up in Frontline Tactics. Players may want to take on the game's great AI system, which enables characters to improve through single player progression. Improving armor, skills, and weapons are just the beginning in this MMO. PvP and co-op missions create a balanced community and keep players coming back to realistic tactical encounters. Tactics games can be a bit limited when it comes to strategic freedom. Creating an MMO as entertaining as Frontline Tactics is a definite accomplishment for its developers, and a great find for fans of online strategy games.

6. Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance Online is known for delivering a mix of turn-based combat and real-time action. The game is played from a 3D isometric perspective and emulate strategic gameplay better than most MMOs. Players will want to perfect battle tactics and improve their weaponry as they progress through many PvP encounters. Strategy doesn't just fall on your one characters actions. Players can recruit mercenaries, build a team, and control the specific layout of and roles of an entire group in battle. There will also be plenty of teamwork between the abundance of players in this MMO universe. Tactics or not, this is just another strategy MMO that knows the important of a team communication. The game has been sad to lag often on the browser because of how well it is made, so don't look at its browser flaws as necessarily a bad thing. The cash shop may be misleading in Jagged Alliance Online and puts a level cap on free-to-play game experiences. Still, there is enough free content to get anyone involved in this MMO for at leaast a short period of time. A variety of classes and a new spin on tactical gameplay help deliver a strategy MMO that we consider good enough to once again land on our Top 10 lists.

5. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

The military sci-fi MMO was given the number one spot on MMO Attack's list of Top 10 Tactical MMOs. When it comes to tactical online gameplay, there's no beating Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances. This is about overall strategy though, and despite knowing tactics, this MMO doesn't have quite as much of the modern flash as the other games higher on this list. The game's repetition, albeit fun, can wear on the average gamer. If you are dedicated to this style of gameplay then this game will keep you hooked a long time. Others may have some trouble adapting to the actual focus on strategy. Unlike other real-time strategies that follow structured storylines, Tiberum Alliances lets players take part in a constant battle toward the middle of an MMO world map. Players need to collect resources, improve defenses, and unlock new units in order to build a better strategy than competing opponents. This game allows players to build their strategy for far longer than most MMO titles. The community in this game varies but generally won't impede your own strategic endeavors. This game is absolutely the best fit for fans of tactical strategy, and really only gets stuck here at number five because of some comparatively lackluster graphics.


When developers find a way to take a popular style of gameplay and adapt it to an entirely new look, they have created a great game. That's exactly what SMITE is; a great game. This MOBA is a fantastic pick for many reasons. The third person battle arena experience is one of a kind in the gaming community right now. This isn't some new idea spammed with terms and names you have to learn either. Most characters in SMITE are mythical gods, based off of the many that we have learned about from ancient history. The third person view not only brings out the best in character design, it helps avoid the top down explosion of visual effects you tend to see in other MOBAs.

When players can focus on one of their units more, they can build a better strategy around the characters they like. SMITE provides a great way for individuals to better progress through a MOBA with a character of their choosing. Despite having better solo strategy, there's still big emphasis on the outcome of two teams who are pit against each other. When it comes to strategy, nothing can beat a good team. Whether it's athletics, projects, or video games; solid teamwork will always prevail. SMITE is a MOBA and therefore knows exactly how important good teamwork is. It may require a bit more cash to unlock all the goodies you want in this game, but SMITE won't ever suffet from play to win and very precisely justifies how important it is to have a good strategy in any active MMO.

3. DotA 2

This forever-in-beta action-RPG actually ranked number one on our Top 10 MOBA list. The real time strategy hybrid lands itself at number 3 on this ultimate strategy list though. Why? Because let?s face it, it hasn't been fully released yet and still technically requires a key to get into. Despite its success with strategy, the MMO still has a long way to go to be accepted by many gamers.

DotA 2 its far less mainstream than games like League of Legends. Unlike some of the competitors this series inspired, DotA 2 expects players to be educated on the mechanics of the MOBA strategy. This game was based off the original MOBA and takes itself very seriously when it comes to augmenting the experience that spawned an entire genre. Other strategy games aren?t quite as daunting. You can't deny amazing presence that DotA 2 has in the MMO community, but a good chunk of its supporters are merely super fans that had played the original.

Dota 2 was created by fans of the original DotA. When a title has so many dedicated players that it leads to the birth an new genre of online gaming (MOBA); you can be sure that similar gameplay strategies will be prevalent. If DotA 2 didn't try so hard at making DotA fans happy, it might actually become the best strategy MMO to date. You may consider this to be the best online strategy game currently out there, but that's probably because you were lucky enough to get a key and somehow also hate number one and two on this list.

2. World of Tanks

MMO Attack sat down with Wargaming at E3 to discuss their massively popular video game, and what we learned more than confirmed how great World of Tanks really is. This MMO is jam packed with strategic gameplay. Users rave about the amount of payoff they see from having competent teammates. The World of Tanks universe has easily provided one of the best MMO experiences in recent years. As if 60 million concurrent server users wasn?t enough to justify this title, the game will also soon be launching for Xbox 360. The move ushers in an entire community of already established gaming personalities. With so many gamers distraught about new console prices, there?s obvious benefit in reaching out to the millions of players who plan to keep their soon-to-be-outdated systems. No matter what system you play the game on it continues to be updated for its fan base.

Wargaming owes their explosive popularity to World of Tanks, so they have put in every effort to make it the best action-strategy MMO it can be. The company has even implemented what they call a free-to-win model, to show how much they respect individual gaming needs. The concept of free-to-play is about respect for gamers, and Wargaming wants to provide a game that players can see through to the end. There are definitely things that can be purchased in World of Tanks, but every player has the same chance of implementing a successful strategy. This is one MMO that shows reciprocity for hard work and dedication.

World of Tanks is easily one of the most entertaining online games available. Players are given true MMO aspects, like customizing your favorite tanks for future conflicts. Your tank will be specific to your style of play. Developers have successfully designed tank skins for those looking for a historically accurate conflict. The never ending campaign of Clan Wars in the games global map creates a nonstop emphasis on strategic gameplay. Every decision you make in World of Tanks could be turning point in massive online warfare. If you?re still having trouble understanding why World of Tanks ranks so high on our Top 10 strategy list, just play the game and see for yourself.

1. League of Legends

This may have lost out to Dota 2 on our Top 10 MOBA list, but with good team strategy you can?t go wrong with League of Legends. There?s a reason this MMO is the most talked about game on the MMO market. The amazing balance of entertainment and strategic gameplay makes League of Legends a game that everyone should try. League would have taken home the grand prize for battle arena gameplay if it wasn?t competing with a sequel to the original MOBA, DotA. The biggest vice that kept League of Legends down was its somewhat volatile player base. Players quitting will leave any strategy with holes. If you have good teamwork in League of Legends, you will be playing what is arguably one of the most fun MMO games available.

The popularity of this game says it all. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore MOBA enthusiast, League of Legends will provide you with vibrant battles involving endless strategies. A combination of different champions makes every player, and therefore every battle, one of a kind. Developers of the MMO also seem to really care about their fan base, giving players a more reliable community if problems do arise. There are cash transactions in League of Legends, but nothing beats a good team with a good strategy. Strategic gameplay, a feature eSports circuit, and a handful of clones more than justify why League of Legends should be given a chance by pretty much every fan of gaming.

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