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There's no doubting the success of Apple. Whether you're a fan or not, the company has certainly changed the way the world looks at technology. One of the biggest innovations made by the company was to finally bring the world of MMO gaming to individuals owning apple products. In a day and age where everyone has a computer, most consumers buy what's most popular; and the Mac is certainly popular. Tons of people own a Mac, enjoying a user friendly operating system, a strong processor, and reliable amount of power. With such capabilities, there would no doubt be MMORPGs on the Mac one day. Many games boast solid 3D graphics but lack a sense true MMO gameplay. There are a whole handful of good games available on the Mac now though. Some have succeeded on the PC for years, while others have taken life on both operating systems concurrently. Best of all, you can try out every single one of these games for free. Let's not tarry on the systems anymore though and get right to what really matters: the top 10 free-to-play MMORPGs made for the Mac.

10. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

It?s exactly what it sounds like, an MMORPG based on the popular animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Not only do you get combat-based gaming experience but you also get to participate in a number of Clone Wars themed mini games. The game is free to download and is a great find for star wars fans with a Mac. Gamers willing to take on a paid membership are granted access to more of the game?s features, including access to VIP areas, mini-games, a special deluxe house and the popular ability to dual wielding lightsabers. The game may not be entirely free which can tend to not drive certain gamers away. Still Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure definitely has enough free content to give Mac users an entertaining MMO experience.

9. Dofus

The Dofus universe may not be entirely free, but there is plenty of costless MMORPG content making it worthy of the list. There are no longer any time constraints during the free portion of Dofus, giving players the ability to experience many aspects of the game in their entirety. This real time fantasy MMO finds a creative way to introduce turn-based combat strategies. Choosing from three professions and 16 different character classes, players will utilize exclusive spells to support their endeavors through a number of dungeons, quests, and challenges. Although players will need a paid subscription to enjoy the games great PvP capabilities, there are enough guild interactions and available locations to still make Dofus a great free-to-play option.

8. Wurm Online

Like Runescape, what Wurm Online lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in overall game play value. This wonderful sandbox MMO hurls players into an uncommon RPG setting. Instead of the MMORPG norm where players obtain levels through battle experience, Wurm Online takes an open skill-based approach to character advancement. There may not be classes or quests, but that doesn?t mean you won?t find yourself running for your life trying to improve any number of the games 133 skills. In fact, everything in worm pretty much wants you dead and they will make sure you know it during your building, crafting, and survival endeavors. This is a true sandbox MMORPG, providing players a great way to erect custom structures on land they can alter. You could call this a first person version of The Sims, but the gameplay and open world align more so with Minecraft ideals. Anyone who owns a Mac that?s looking to build their own realistic virtual world will find it with Wurm Online.

7. Savage 2

This is probably one of the least known, yet most interesting MMO games on this list. Savage 2 amazingly incorporates aspects of first person shooting, real time strategy, and roleplaying all in one gaming experience. Do you want a mix of third person battles and first person ranged weaponry? Check out the intense combat system in Savage 2. Do you prefer seeing things ahead of time using real time strategy? Be the commander of your team and issue those orders in Savage 2. With a fun assortment of creatures and modding capabilities that include capture the flag and even playing soccer, Savage 2 is a fast paced wonder that?s sure to satisfy any MMORPG fan with a Mac.

6. Planeshift

Planeshift may not be for every gamer, but it certainly does the job for anyone looking for a good roleplaying experience. This MMORPG delivers an expansive world for players to cultivate their characters. Planeshift goes way beyond the text-based roleplaying games of the past, but doesn?t quit keep up with the current group of MMORPGs. It may not be the best on the list but what Planeshift lacks for the average gamer is achieved for the hardcore ones. With the essential crafting, guild, and quest options provided in most MMO games, this RPG finds a way accomplish even more. By having players put major focus on their character?s backgrounds and not just who they will become throughout playing, Planeshift has founded a system of leveling that?s unmatched by other MMORPG accomplishments.

5. Everquest

Everquest has ranked high on our lists before, so you can be sure that it's a great find for the Mac OS X. Sony Online Entertainment almost stripped away the one server dedicated to Mac users back in 2012. Too bad Everquest is so popular though, because Mac users spoke out and now have a wonderful experience to look forward to each and every day. The series released its 19th expansion not too long ago. In case you were unaware, 19 expansions is by far the most of any MMORPG available, so hopeful players with an apple product can finally join PC users and bask in the games wondrous fantasy. These updates help a classic game stay modern and more importantly help it keep up with its MMORPG competitors. You may find yourself spending some cash on recent expansions to satisfy your new MMORPG addiction. Still, 90 levels of gameplay with over 15 different races and classes is hard to beat. With free access to 17 expansions from over a decade of MMO success, it's clear that Everquest was headed for the Mac someday.

4. Drakensang Online

All you have to do is watch one gameplay video to understand why Drakensang Online makes the list. This action MMORPG excels in its combat system. Drakensang Online gives players full control over how they input battle commands along with a variety of innovative offensive and defensive tactics. Greatness doesn?t just include vaulting around, dodging enemy projectiles either. From a good friend list to a great guild structure, everything you want from a group interaction exists in Drankensang Online. In fact, everything a player would want in an MMORPG exists in this game. Sometimes gamers want more though, and if you are looking for something you?ve never seen before, you may want to look higher on our list. That being said, Drakensang Online is still a perfect MMORPG for anyone wanting another reliably entertaining online experience.

3. Runescape

It doesn?t have overwhelmingly realistic 3D rendering, but neither does a success like Minecraft. When it comes to an MMORPG, graphics mean a lot but it?s the gameplay experience that gamers care about; and boy do people sure care about this game. With over 200 million accounts created on the game, Runescape sits as the largest free MMORPG available. It is also the most updated game, showing a level of dedication to consistently keeping its fan base happy. Runescape pretty much has it all. A player verse player combat system is available, allowing people to even gamble on the events. Quests are determined by goals and objectives set by the individual players. This avoids the classic MMORPG repetition of everyone following the same storyline. By providing a variety of improvable skills, Runescape grants numerous options in character destiny ranging from baking bread to slaughtering evil enemy creatures. If you can manage to get past the graphics, Runescape will easily be one of the better MMORPG experiences you can find for the Mac.

2. League of Legends

There may not be many MMORPGs out there these days quite as popular as League of Legends. The MLG sanctioned battle arena MMO surely snagged a large number of competitive players since its release. League of Legends played on the tremendous popularity of competitive creations like Dota 2, but went even further by removing unwanted aspects that players didn?t like about the game. This is what the employees at Riot do best - providing an unparalleled player and community focus. This title is all about competition too. Regardless how you approach the game, you are going to be putting in a lot of time and effort if you want to be the cream of the crop.

Players are constantly finding new suggestions for developers to improve the game. This community is dedicated to their craft and with such amazing graphics through endless PvP adventures. League of Legends is clearly trying to be the king of all MMORPGs, which is an extremely high bar for any company to set for its game. Regardless, when it comes to a Mac there are very few options left that include beautiful visuals and amazing PvP game play to go with it.

1. Guild Wars 2

Every Top 10 list will have its fair share of people arguing with number one, so people have every right to think it shouldn?t be Guild Wars 2. At the same time, there are too many factors that can?t be argued easily justifying it to be the best MMORPG on the Mac. Like many of the games on this list, Guild Wars 2 offers stunning visuals to carry players through one of the most enthralling stories in MMO gaming. What is unique to this MMORPG is the balance of teamwork. Whereas people usually have class-defined roles in battle situations, players can now mix it up and play an MMO the way they want, regardless of others needs. Sure, some professions support certain battles duties more than others, but there is no longer forcing warrior or knight style characters to be just a mindless, hack and slash, damage dealer if they don?t want to.

Another explosion of innovation comes from a drastically different PvP system, also known as world verse world. Players are almost granted an entirely second game, playing extremely different from the rest of their Guild Wars 2 objectives. The social interaction in this MMORPG is better than most too. Guild Wars 2 finds a way to connect players through an immersive experience unmatched by its competitors. Even if you still doubt such a successful giant, Guild Wars 2 has certainly paved the way for the changing future of MMORPGs.

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