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Browser MMO games are all the rage these days.  You don't have to spend all your time downloading a massive file just to play your favorite games.  With the technological advances of today's computers and browsers, you can get the same awesome gameplay experience from one of these browser games, that you can get from a huge download game.  As the popularity grows for browser based MMO games we can definitely see a larger audience and larger player base entering these games.

This top 5 free browser MMO games list features MMO and MMORPG games that are playable right in your browser, without any third party clients to deal with. And of course, the best part of all, they are free!  The team here at MMO Attack has tested and hand-picked each of these games to represent a wide array genres and styles.   Keep checking back often as we continually update this list to feature the top5 free browser based MMO games for 2012!

5. Kingdoms of Camelot

Kingdoms of Camelot is an excellent city-building strategy game that has you building the mightiest Kingdom in the land of Camelot. As the battle rages around you, King Arthur and his famed Knights count on you to help build and fight for their mighty kingdom. The game features three powerful factions that you will either join with or against as you via for Arthur's favor and a chance to rule Camelot.

The game features epic strategy as you must build your castle and claim the throne.

4. Call of Gods

Call of Gods (CoG) is a beautifully crafted, browser-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. CoG is a revolutionary update to the tired city-building, quest completion browser genre and is the latest title to join the growing lineup of browser games on the Aeria Now portal.

In Call of Gods, players will experience the next generation of browser RTS/RPG gameplay.In keeping with the traditional core style, players create a human, elf, or undead hero and venture out into a massive fantasy world where they can progress through elaborate quest arcs, fight their way with other players through challenging dungeons, amass armies, and ultimately build a powerful castle stronghold within your race?s kingdom.

3. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game developed by the legendary InnoGames. In Forge of Empires you will need to manage and produce resources, develop an army, gain control of provinces, and research their way through several ages of history and development.

You begin the game with your own plot of land. A tutorial will walk you through the various menus and gives you options of what types of buildings to build. You are taught how to build, research and unlock more buildings. Like your typical city-building game, Forge of Empires allows you to build on various places on your plot of land. One thing it does differently though is allows you to move your buildings around, as well as sell them.

As your city grows you will need to generate more and more resources. You will build up your army and send scouts out to 'visit' other areas of the map. As you progress you will battle other cities, conquer new provinces and expand your empire.

2. The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online (formerly known just as Castle Empire) is an engaging MMORTS from the world renown developer Ubisoft that lets players transform their simple plots of land into mighty empires. You?ll produce and trade valuable goods with friends, build towns and villages, and journey into the wild as you complete missions and engage in battles with anyone that stands in your way.

The settler series has been a long time favorite for many massive multiplayer online real time strategy gamers, so when Ubisoft announced that The Settlers Online (Castle Empire) was going to be free to play, gamers started to pay attention.Not only is Castle Empire exciting, fun, and free to play, but you can play the entire game in your browser window.

The new trend of these browser games is great, there?s no need to download multiple clients, check for driver updates, or any of that nonsense. Just open up your browser of choice (hopefully not IE) and play to your hearts content. The Settlers Online (Castle Empire) should be an exciting new addition to the MMORTS genre.

1. Drakensang

Drakensang Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG that plays like a game of Diablo more than a game like World of WarCraft.  Drakensang Online is a browser-based MMO based on the PC game The Dark Eye: Drakensang.In this edition players fight against inhabitants of the dark realms invading the lands of Grimmagstone to Shorefolk.

Your hero will be exploring various dungeons and killing off hordes of monsters and dragons in the Anderworld, while also challenging others players in PvP matches. Embedding powerful spells into your swords and staffs add a new dimension to the gameplay as well.

This browser-based MMO means there is no need to download a game client, just send your friends the link and everyone will be dungeon crawling in the time it takes to create an account, much better than downloading a 6GB client install, possibly taking all day to complete.

The extraordinary 3D graphics and effects, along with the visually amazing game world make this next generation browser game one of the most popular in the category. This game is great for Dungeons and Dragons fans looking for a video game to play in a new universe.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 free browser MMO games for 2012 and don?t forget to share what you think are the best free to play browser games with us in the comments!

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