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Dungeon Rampage is a free to play browser based fantasy action RPG that is playable through Facebook. The concept is simple enough, grab some weapons, team up with other layers and slay your way through hordes of oncoming monsters as you reach the end of a dungeon.

You begin the game with a single class, which is the Berzerker. He is your classic barbarian style of class who uses all sorts of axes, hammers and heavy objects to eliminate the bad guys. Monsters will come at you in waves and you'll have to work with your friends in order to subdue them. Classic movement using the W-A-S-D keys or the mouse and keys mapped out to use various damage dealing actions.

The story-line is somewhat secondary in the game, but if you are so inclined you can definitely get something out of it. An evil wizard committed some terrible things to your stuffed animal and you take revenge on him and his horde of monsters for such an atrocity.

In the end the game is quite light-hearted and actually really enjoyable even if only for short periods of time. There's just the right amount of carnage and difficulty and companionship to make this a neat game to try.

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Reviewed by: Thomas Touche