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Rift takes fantasy to the next level in this Trion World's MMORPG. The game features an in depth class building system like no other. You can build your class in a singular direction if you don?t feel like messing around too much with it. But where it shines, is the complete customization that MMORPG fans will go nuts for. Pick abilities from multiple pools to really customize your gameplay style and role on the battlefield.

This game has everything you could want in an MMO and more. Guilds, raids, auction house, crafting and in game economy are all very good. With things like Guild Quests and artifact collection, obsessive players will find tons of content to roll around in for hundreds of hours. Finding every piece of content in Rift is practically impossible.

The PvP combat is also very good. Large scale battles, or small, everything builds your PvP character further. While playing PvP, players will gain levels, loot and customizable gear to keep that carrot at the end of the stick fat and juicy. The drive to get to the next piece of loot is enough to make anyone go crazy.

With a customizable class pool and a beautiful art style Rift is a fantastic MMORPG. Check this game out today by using the play now link above. Just make sure you are ready to take on the lands of Rift, because once you start you are bound to be hooked for a good long time.

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