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Rumble Fighter is an interesting take on a Fighting MMORPG. The game features really cool cartoony graphics and plays a lot like a game of Super Smash Brothers. In fact it's best described as a Super Smash Bros. game with lots of online and MMO elements.

Rumble Fighter takes a rather simple concept, which is beating each other senseless in awesome multi-player brawls. That's it, review over! No, but the fact is there are a ton of elements that keep you hooked to the game, and the fact that it is quite different from a normal MMO makes this game definitely worth trying. In our opinion it's not a game that you will sit at for hours grinding it out like a normal MMORPG, but one that you take in small doses. Play a few rounds when you're bored, more of a bit-sized experience if you will.

The game is solely focused on the PvP experience, which makes it more like an FPS, whereas you aren't going to be bothered with a bunch of quest dialogues and all that humbo jumbo, a perfect game for someone with only a few moments to spare. The concept is fairly simple, join a room and beat each other to a pulp. There are a number of fighting options and modes and super powers that mix up the game and make it one you'll want to come back to again and again.

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Reviewed by: Kirk Wallace