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The armies of ancient Greece stand on the brink of war, soldiers prepared to die for the honor of their people and the future of their empires. Even the gods have joined the fray, raising mere mortals to demi-gods and raining fire upon those who oppose them. The time has come to raise your army, gather your allies and prepare for war. Succeed and tales of your greatness shall live forever in the minds and myths of all men.

Game Highlights

  • Transform your City-State into an Empire - Construct your city and expand your territories
  • Declare your Allegiance - Choose a god, receive their power and lay waste to the opposition
  • Amass an Army - Train legions of mythical monsters and men imbued with devastating powers from the gods
  • Build Royal Alliances - Gather your fellow Kings and Queens and collaborate in real time
  • Live your Odyssey - Battle mythical beasts, earn favors from the gods and conquer the ancient world

Gameplay Video

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Trojan War Reviews

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Reviewed by: Kirk Wallace
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