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War Metal: Tyrant is a new online trading card game (TCG) that is set in a battle scene that revolves around the future and a hi-tech warfare. Compared with other similar titles on Facebook like Magic: The Gathering Tactics, which takes the concept from the classic physical collectible card games and turns them into a turn-based SLG system, Tyrant comes closer to mimic the gameplay of an authentic trading card game than any of its competitors.

Just like in a real trading card game, you being Tyrant with a starter deck that has one commander slot and a random sampling of cards. The game features over 300 cards that have been classified into 5 different types for your collection. You begin by selecting one of two available factions, and are then prompted to do the introductory tutorial missions. Each match begins with the shuffling of your selected deck of 10 cards. You are then presented with three cards in your hand that you can choose from for your first turn. During the battle you will also need to draw one card for each turn from your second turn. You play with one of these randomly selected cards from your 10-card deck for each turn with the objective of dropping the opposing Command?s health to zero. Your combat unit card will attack your enemy unit card if it stands in your way. The amount by which the defense unit HP reduces is determined by the attack value of offense unit. When it drops to zero, then the unit card is removed from the game. If there is no enemy card, your unit card will attack the enemy commander directly. Proper deck construction is the heart of joy of playing Tyrant as well as the key to success. Both newbie players and seasoned players enjoy finding new ways to create a balanced deck. There is also much incredible variance in Tyrant, like many other games, it combines chance and skill.

As you progress through the campaign, you can buy additional cards either through real world currency or ingame gold bars you earned for winning each match. Overall, Tyrant is a competitive social diversion for both original War Metal players and veterans of TCGs. It has an excellent introduction to the concept for newer players to the genre.

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