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MMO Attack and Mechanist Games have teamed up to offer fans of City of Steam: Arkadia, a gift pack giveaway that includes many items to help you along your journey in the game.  

City of Steam: Arkadia is the updated release of City of Steam, being self-published by the developer, Mechanist Games.  The game will be going live on December 4th, 9PM EST, with new systems, new content and more!

How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack

1. Log in or Register for your MMO Attack account to get the code
2. Go to City of Steam: Arkadia's website
3. Register for your account and click 'Play Now' when servers are up
4. In game, go to 'Rewards' window and enter the Promo Code

What's Included in the Growth Pack

10? Strong Health Quaff
10? Strong Steam Quaff
1? Level 1 Mod Box
5? Keys
5? Alloys
20? Transmuter Orb
2? Transmuter Coolant
1? Broadcast Ticket
100? Spiremarks
1? Spiked Goggles
1? Vented Goggles
1? Drum Tophat

City of Steam Gameplay

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