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MMO Attack and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up to offer fans of Perfect World International an exclusive Jade Gift Box to celebrate the Crimson Imperium update that includes several items to help you on your journey.  The Crimson Imperium update adds several new features to Perfect World International like a Title System, Attendance System, New Events, Nation Wars' Territories and more!

Jade Gift Box Contains:

1 Jade Cosmos Mount
1 Gold Spirit Charm (MP potion)
1 Gold Guardian Charm (HP potion)
10 Hyper EXP Stones
4 Teleport Stones

How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack

1. Log in or Register for your MMO Attack account
2. Log in or Register for your Perfect World account
3. Go to the Redeem Code Page on Perfect World's Site
4. Select the Server and Character you want to receive the gift pack on and press 'Submit'

Perfect World International Gameplay Trailer

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