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RaiderZ Closed Beta Key Giveaway ? Key Redemption Instructions:

1. Visit the RaiderZ official website at 2. Register for a free account or log in, if you already have a Perfect World account. 3. Enter your Beta Key code and hit submit! 4. You will receive a confirmation email and instructions for downloading the client once Closed Beta testing begins. 5. Visit the official website at for the latest game updates.

More information on the game RaiderZ below:

Experience the heart-pounding thrill of the hunt where the line between hunter and hunted quickly blurs. Track colossal-sized monsters online in an open world that is as beautiful as it is deadly. Will you discover the origins of the monsters? invasion and where their taste for human flesh comes from?

In an exotic land overrun by hideous creatures, the country of Rendel has put out a call to all able-bodied adventurers. Know your enemies and choose wisely your allies. Many have perished before you.

Now, hunt together ? Or die alone!

INTENSE ENGAGEMENT Fight monsters up close and personal as they grab, smash and try to eat you alive; rip monsters apart and use their weapons or ligaments against them in battle or for crafting. REALISTIC REAL-TIME BATTLES Exciting, real-time battle system brings players into the thrill of the hunt; evading and blocking are directly controlled by the player UNIQUE CHARACTER SYSTEM Weapons determine skills in RaiderZ. Choose from over 350 skills combinations to build a custom character. EPIC DINNER TIME Epic monster hunting, epic hunger. Gather resources, cook up a meal and feast with fellow hunters in the XP gaining dinner system. KNOW YOUR ENEMY Gigantic, intelligent boss monsters keep groups on their toes as they must work together to discover weaknesses and better strategies. OPEN WORLD Track down monsters in an open world with diverse landscapes and an ever-changing weather system. JOIN A BAND AND JAM Pick up an instrument and jam with a party or show off your musical chops as a one person guitar wielding solo act.

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