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Image of Albion Online GvG Features Detailed

Sandbox Interactive has unveiled some of the challenges they face with the PvP and GvG (guild vs. guild) features in the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG game, Albion Online. A player-driven in-game economy and a heavy focus on territorial PvP are challenging features in their own right, but add to that the fact that all platforms can experience the same content at the same time, and you've got a real logistical nightmare on your hands.

When Albion Online releases players will be able to join other users and form a guild which can then battle for conquest over a variety of territories in the PvP aspect of the game. There are no limits to how many areas a guild can occupy at any one time but the rare resources and prestige that come with each territory is sure to create regular challenges for any areas your guild may hold.

This kind of open approach to reward-based PvP isn't without its problems but Sandbox Interactive have displayed their creativity with their solution to inactive guilds and occupied territories.

Guild leaders must select certain times during the day at which their occupied zones are open to attack, ensuring members won't lose hard earned territories while offline or sleeping. At all other times the territory in question will be protected by a magical barrier that only guild members or allies can pass through.

?To accommodate players from many different time zones, guilds choose a certain number of times during the day at which their territory will then be ?open? to attack,? said David Salz, Technical Director for Albion Online, ?Because building up a power base takes many investments, including time, it?s important that guilds don?t lose their territories simply because they?re sleeping.?

This kind of feature would usually just accommodate zerg guilds, those with hundreds of members and no community. However Sandbox Interactive again show their awareness of the MMO world with yet more innovative ideas. GvG battles will be restricted in size so that smaller guilds are still able to attack enemies and defend their own territories, without sacrificing the quality of members and spam inviting every random in the nearest quest hub.

Albion Online is setting up to make a real splash when it releases on PC, iOS and Android platforms. Will gamers finally have a place to call home while on the move?

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