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Image of Auto Club Revolution - May Madness Sale

Auto Club Revolution just made it onto our most recent MMO Attack Top 10 list after celebrating its full commercial launch just a week ago. To better promote the MMO racing game, the company is extending the celebration for two weeks with a May Madness sale.

The new MMO is worth a look for any racing fan already, but jumping on during May Madness will give players a phenomenal head start toward their future success. The game itself is free-to-play but there are sure to be plenty of cars, customizations, and upgrades that hooked fans will want to get their hands on. The current sale will grant players with a massive discount on many electronic purchases.

Auto Club Revolution will also feature daily discounts on a huge selection of cars during May Madness. This could easily be the best time for players to stockpile the future vehicles they want, or at least get a discount on their favorite. Updates on what vehicles are on sale can be tracked through Facebook, Twitter, and the ACR website. Make sure to take a look while you can, because this is one racing game that looks primed for greatness.

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