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Image of Black Gold Online Unveils The Conjurer Class

Snail Games USA today revealed the latest class to join the robust lineup in Black Gold Online with the debut of the necromantic Conjurer.  A combination of enigmatic sorcery and steam technology gives Conjurers the ability to weave forbidden curses and summon deadly allies through the use of dark magic.

They excel as a long-range magic damage dealing class with access to an impressive arsenal of crowd-control and support abilities. As with previous class reveals Snail Games USA released some highlight aspects of The Conjurer including the available races, class specializations and weapon variations.

Available Races: Buvont, Lokemean
Role Specialization: Ranged DPS, Crowd control
Weapon of Choice: Staff, One-handed Scepter, Magic Bottle
Armor Proficiency: Medium – Leather with light mail
Class Trait: Conjurers have long range and high DPS casting, but cannot sustain prolonged fights alone. With lighter defense and health, they are susceptible to being physically overwhelmed. Ideally put in support position and crowd-controlling, taking advantage of their long range.

The developers also recently announced that the Alpha Test Drive event will begin on March 20th. Those who obtained keys at last years E3 event or from the official Facebook promos will gain access while others can opt-in on the website.

Source: Official Website

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