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Image of Christmas Day In The MMO World

So you've unwrapped your Christmas goodies and stuffed your belly with enough food to keep you gaming for a week straight, so what's next? Check out our second list of exciting events heading to an MMO world near you.

The Lord Of The Rings Online

The popular Yule Festival makes a return in Lord of the Rings Online as Winter-home makes another appearance in Middle-Earth. All the activities and events from years gone by make a return including the famous Wintertide Steed. The festival won't hang around for long so be sure to grab your festive rewards while you still have the time.

Forsaken World

Running through until January 5th Forsaken World players can enjoy a brand new holiday event as they scour the world in search of special holiday badges to be spent at the Christmas shop. It appears Santa's sled has also been malfunctioning

War Of Immortals

Yuletide is well underway in the world of War of Immortals as Perfect World Entertainment launch an exciting array of Christmas events that will see players performing a variety of activities from collecting rewards such as the coveted Snowgang Pet to meeting the big jolly red man himself.

Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty is pulling out all the stops during the holidays with a massive Triple Experience Points Boost event, making it the perfect time to dive into the world of oriental martial arts. The event is already underway and runs on through New Years. 

Champions Online

Dust off your spandex and prepare for an onslaught as the March of the Mecha Soldiers event begins in Champions Online. Exclusive holiday events, rare costume pieces and exciting Christmas presents are just some of the things scattered around Millenium City. Santa also joined the events yesterday so keep your eyes glued to the skies.


Christmas makes an action packed return in the critically acclaimed RaiderZ as players are given the rare opportunity to mount the most famous reindeer of all time, Rudolf. Other exciting additions include unique clothing items and exchange cards.

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