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Image of DC Universe Online : Sons of Trigon Expansion Arrives

The recent layoffs at Sony Online Entertainment may have caused concern for some DC Universe Online players but it hasn't delayed the release of the latest content update, Sons of Trigon. Legendary members have been enjoying the features in the latest update since August 26th but today marks the first time free and premium players have been able to explore the new content.

Today DC Universe Online players will be able to accompany Circe or Wonder Woman as they journey through Gotham City, attempting to defeat the infamous Trigon. It's the 8th DLC in DC Universe Online's impressive history and it's looking to be one of the best yet.

The Sons of Trigon update includes exciting new content across the board including a new power set, new alerts and tons of new gear and items. Additional highlights are listed below:

  • New Feats and Collections
  • New shared zone, Gotham Wasteland - featuring daily solo missions
  • New Legends PvP characters - Cheetah and Donna Troy
  • Three new duos battling three of Trigon's sons who each represent one of the seven deadly sins
  • New alert, "The Mausoleum" - featuring a final battle with Trigon
  • New Gear, including PvE iconic gear based on Brother Blood and Raven
  • New Celestial Power focused on healing

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