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Image of Dota 2 patch and bug fixes for March 28th

Valve's upcoming MOBA Dota 2 was patched last night, adding a new hero: Sylla the Lone Druid, who quickly prompted many "bear" puns from the dev team. Lone Druid is a--well, he's a druid who mostly lonesome. Besides occasionally summoning a Spirit Bear to help him fight, Lone Druid can also transform into a raging bear, his true form.

Valve also fixed several buggy gameplay elements, most notably the bot mechanics - so now we can stop seeing situations like this:

The full patch notes are as follows, directly from the Steam Update Blog:


GAMEPLAY - Added Lone Druid! - Fixed small bug in the timing of sequential attacks. - Lifestealer: Fixed being unable to Infest Mud Golems. - Weaver: Fixed Time Lapse interaction with Aegis. - Ancient Apparition: Fixed a bug where Ice Blast could get stuck on the map. - Enabled Lycan in Captain's Mode

UI - The top bar game timer no longer is reset when a game ends. - Heroes in top bar now draw grayscale when dead. - The buyback cooldown time now appears in the gold tooltip. - The buyback cooldown now appears in the form minutes:seconds.

VISUALS - Added a buff/debuff effect for Razor's Static Link. - Added effect for fountain heal. - Fixed heroes drawing parts of their models in portraits when sheeped, hexxed, etc. - Updated the effects for Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison. - Decreased darkness of fogged areas

BOTS - Fixed bots being too aggressive about destroying enemy items. - Fixed bug where bots would pick up items like Rapier or Aegis without giving humans a chance at them. - After all humans have picked heroes, the remaining bots will now immediately pick their heroes. - Fixed bug where bots would try to farm the same neutral camp that a human was farming. - Added support for bots buying and placing Observer Wards: . The more of a support a hero is, the more likely they are to buy wards. . If they have a human teammate, they will not purchase enough wards to fully deplete the store. . They will ward the runes, their jungle, and sometimes the enemy jungle (depending on how pushed the lanes are). . They won't go to locations to place wards if they think it's too dangerous. - Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent bots from defending their top/bottom lanes when the tier 3 towers/racks are gone. - Fixed bug where if the incoming threat was small, no one would ever be a selected to defend (typically resulting in no defensive response to creeps).


Dota 2 is still currently in beta, with no set release date yet.

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