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Image of Dragon's Prophet Launch Day Has Arrived

Today marks the release of the highly anticipated dragon capture and training MMORPG from Infernum and Sony Online Entertainment, Dragon's Prophet. Players can expect a smooth launch after almost 4 months in open beta following its launch on May 30th.

Dragon's Prophet combines an insane variety of powerful and majestic dragons with an action-based combat and end-game siege system to create one of the most unique gaming experiences for fantasy MMO enthusiasts," said Todd Carson, Senior Producer of Dragon's Prophet. "We know players are eager and ready for action and launch brings many exciting developments from Open Beta, including new dungeons, a level cap increase, a revamped Starting Zone, a World Boss and the much-anticipated Frontier System.

The most exciting feature introduced to coincide with the official launch is the Frontier System. This new feature allows players and Alliance's to construct unique houses and structures while enjoying the thrill of mounted and aerial combat. For more information on the Frontier System you can check the official reveal video here." class="button large btn-gold" title="Play Dragon's Prophet" target="_BLANK">Play Dragon's Prophet

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