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Image of Einherjar - Enjoy Higher Level and Stats

The year end is coming soon and Appirits is about to release their latest updates for Einherjar ? The Viking's Blood, as a gift for their players. After the weekly maintenance on December 19th, players will see the below updates which are implemented for enhancing their Einherjar adventure:

- Max level up to 50 (lv.45 still allows soul sacrifice as before)
- Stats of all Jobs raised
- Lord house's max level increased to lv.7
- Units at lv.30 or below still can get exp from harvesting

And to mark this occasion, there will be mini event with a gift of 2 Devil Stone (valuable materials for upgrading houses). Players only need to become one of 10 FIRST players who post a screenshot of their lv-50 unit on Einherjar Facebook page's wall. The event will end on the game's weekly maintenance on 26 December 2012.

Link to Einherjar's Facebook page:

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