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Image of Explosive New Content Added To Warframe

With the recent release of the North American PlayStation 4 version of Warframe many probably expected things to go a little quiet on the update front, but Digital Extremes have other ideas.

The developers have announced the latest update to hit the PC version of the game, bringing with it one of the most impressive list of changes to date.

Update 11 includes two brand new Warframes, two new boss battles, a brand new tile set and a host of other changes based on community feedback and suggestions.

A new damage system has been introduced that splits physical damage into different categories, such as puncturing, impact and slashing damage, adding an element of thought to combat as players carefully choose their weapon of choice depending on the enemies in front of them. To compliment the new damage system several new weapons have been introduced to help balance the available option in each of the categories.

A host of other features have been introduced including the ability to harvest resources while you're offline, a new scanning feature to reveal an enemies weakness, new trading system to exchange goods with other players and much, much more.

Check out the official video preview below for the massive list of changes introduced to Warframe.

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