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Image of Fiesta Online Announces New Crusader Class

Gamigo have delighted the millions of Fiesta Online fans with the recent announcement of the Crusader, a brand new class of the elvish race that will be arriving later this week. The Crusader class will become available one a player reaches level 60, giving them the opportunity to master the powers of light with brand new skills, abilities, armor sets and equipment pieces.

Players can expect the Crusader class to be swift, agile and possess plenty of crowd-control abilities to aid them in slicing apart their foes. The once legendary fighters of Isya disappeared long ago but Tiro makes a triumphant return at the head of a fleet of floating ships; bringing with him waves upon waves of Crusader devastation.

Gamigo have released a new Crusader trailer which you can view below.

To celebrate the arrival of the new class Fiesta Online will play host to a variety of exciting missions and events. Special prizes will be available for players that submit the best screenshots of the new Crusader class, as well a GM led events and raffles. Check below for more information on the upcoming events.

Isya's Defense - a PvE moshpit of epic proportions where players are called upon to defeat a relentless monster spawn and share in a massive loot drop.

EldersTale - a GM-led tour of Elderine where players share stories of the great war that forced the Crusaders to leave Isya and how they made their way back to the land they love. At the end of the tour, players can test their wits at trivia for chic fashions.

Crusader Race To The Top - See how quickly you can get from L60 to L115. Players who make it beyond L100 will have the opportunity to do a sub-class change to Templar and will be entered into the Templar Raffle for a chance to win special prizes.

Snapshot Wonder - Community is invited to post screenshots in the forums to show off their Crusader characters for rich rewards.

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