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Image of Has the Never-Ending Closed Beta for Firefall Finally Found An End?

The nearly two year wait is finally coming to an end for those fans who have eagerly waited for Red 5 Studios to 'open the flood-gates' so to speak, for their inaugural MMOTPS Firefall.  The free to play open world sci-fi shooter will begin its open beta starting on July 9th, and the most important stage of Firefalls development will finally be in full force.

?We?re incredibly excited to be nearing what we consider to be the most important stage of Firefall?s development ? Open Beta,? said James Macauley, Vice President of Development, Red 5 Studios. ?For us, Open Beta isn?ta traditional ?marketing beta?, but rather an opportunity to include many more players in our community-driven development process. We?re looking forward to welcoming these new players into the community and continuing to build an amazing game together.?

Red 5 Studios has planned some very important milestones for Firefall starting with a new city power level system, a new UI, new crafting and instances and a Battleframe progression starting in May.  Players interested in signing up for the beta can head on over to to get caught up with all the latest and greatest from this open world MMO shooter.

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