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Image of Flame On! Human Torch Now Available In Marvel Heroes

Gazillion Entertainment today announced the immediate launch of the eagerly anticipated Patch 1.11 for their heroic action MMORPG game, Marvel Heroes. Described by the developers as "massive and far-reaching" the latest patch addresses a number of technical problems within Marvel Heroes but it also introduces an exciting variety of new content and items. Many of the features were originally planned for launch but met delays due to undisclosed problems.

One of the most anticipated additions with Patch 1.11 is the introduction of the iconic hero from the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch. Players can now purchase the Human Torch in the in-game item mall or using the newly added currency, Eternity Splinters.

The Eternity Splinters were originally intended to be available on launch day, offering players item drops that could be exchanged for heroes. Instead players were only able to obtain specific heroes through drops. However, with the release of Patch 1.11 these drops are now universal and can be exchanged for any hero in the game.

A new zone has also been added, Midtown Patrol. Furthermore new costumes have been introduced for Iron Man, Wolverine and Human Torch. For the full lowdown on Patch 1.11 you can read the official patch notes here.

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