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Image of Funcom Bringing The Thrill Of PvP Back To Age Of Conan

Following yesterday's announcement that saw Funcom's Age of Conan: Unchained featured on Aeria Ignite, the developers took to the official boards to release new open world, PvP-based information. Any players familiar with the journey of Age of Conan will undoubtedly remember the thrill of the open world PvP "back in the day". Although that thrill has all but disappeared on most servers, the memory has yet to fade.

Players have long been requesting a return to its former glory for the open world PvP in Age of Conan: Unchained and it appears Funcom have been listening following today's announcement. Earlier today Funcom revealed The Great Hyborean Race, a new event that will hopefully allow players to experience the cut-throat PvP that made AoC so famous during its launch window.

During the Great Hyborian Race, we will be asking players to roll a new, fresh character on a Blood and Glory ruleset server (completely new server) and race to the top in PvE and PvP. For the duration of the event, you will be unable to use Offline Levels and we will place restrictions on the use of XP potions and instances. We still have time to make some adjustments to the ruleset, so post any ideas that you have on the forums and we will see what we have time to incorporate.

You can read more about the event on the official website.Do you have any fond memories of PvP in the early days of AoC? Leave a comment below.

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