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Image of Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Halloween

October 31st is almost here and Guild Wars 2 players are getting a full week of Halloween festivities to celebrate. Over 500 years ago a Krytan king was killed for his horribly tyrannical rule of his people. Lore in Guild Wars 2 has stated the Mad King can return once a year to the mortal world on Halloween. Starting this past Monday, citizens of Tyria noticed significant changes to their world that are probably related to the evil prophecy.

Fans of the increasingly popular MMORPG sequel will enjoy a multitude of experiences during the Halloween inspired event. These experiences include aesthetic improvements such as unique costumes and themed decorations, along with offering competitive entertainment through festival related tournaments and a series of new mini-games. Players can enjoy new adventures while finding many puzzles and dungeons to keep them thoroughly occupied. Players familiar with Guild Wars 2 can find new Halloween themed costumes through the Black Lion Trading Company. There gamers can try out different looks and obtain new transform potions that allow them to compete with other players in what is known as ?Costume Brawl?.

Guild Wars 2 isn?t just known for its single player adventures though. Fans of PvP will be extremely satisfied during the event too. Players will compete on teams of five by purchasing a ticket from the Gem Store. The winner of the competitions will win in game prizes that can only be found during the event.

The ?Shadow of the Mad King? event is full of entertaining activities and a brand new four part adventure. Make sure to jump onto Guild Wars 2 while you still can. The event will last through Halloween, ending on November 1st. Remember, these are just a few expectations so far. Who knows what other fun surprises ArenaNet has prepared for the rest of the event?

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