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Image of Hawken - Closed Beta Weekend Giveaway

Hawken is free-to-play multiplayer mech game due to launch in December. With the impending release date closing in, creators at Adhesive Games have decided to allow many antsy fans in joining the closed beta for the highly anticipated robot battler.  Keys will be given away through for the closed beta this weekend.

Fans will need to register on the CVG website but will be issued with their key almost instantly. Once receiving a beta key, players will be given full instructions on how to redeem it through the game?s website. The beta starts this Friday, October 26th and will run the entire weekend until Monday, October 29th. This is a limited chance to check out one of the best looking mech games in recent years, so make sure to grab your key while there is still time.

The intense vehicular first-person shooter will provide gamers with conventional deathmatch modes, timed capture the flag style competition, and even complete free-for-all mayhem. Players will be able to choose from light, medium, and heavy machines while traveling through the dystopian planet looking for much needed resources. With endless ammo that can only overheat after excessive use, Hawken is sure to bring one of the most chaotically fun futuristic war scenarios a game could ever present.

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