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Image of More Details For Upcoming Online FPS Title From Jagex

The multi-award winning development and publisher studio, Jagex, recently made a job posting for an Executive Producer position for an unnamed MMOFPS game. Jagex are most well known as the name behind the most popular free-to-play browser MMO of our time, Runescape, but the UK based team are responsible for over 40 online games and have recently expanded into the mobile platform.

The job posting was created on the hugely popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, detailing the responsibilities and key duties for any potential applicants. The posting highlights two main aspects for desired skills, highlighted below:

Desired Skills & Experience 

  • A keen enthusiasm for gaming especially online games / MMOs
  • Proven experience with a squad based FPS title

The post also asks that applicants have "an excellent understanding of session-based games and balancing", although Jagex have yet to release any official details on what's involved in the upcoming title. Another area of interest is the requirement for "brilliant understanding of the systems behind user generated content", a feature that's hardly seen in other online-based FPS titles.

There is no shortage of session-based MMOFPS games on the market today but if Jagex has anything to do with it, their unnamed MMOFPS game is sure to become very popular.

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