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Image of 20-Year Veteran Takes To Kickstarter For Kid Friendly MMO

We're in the middle of a great era for MMO games. A new AAA title is announced on an almost monthly basis and titles like Guild Wars 2 have proven there's still plenty of room for innovation and creativity.

The latest creative mind to join the release spree is Kirk "Runesabre" Black. He's a 20-year veteran of the industry with some of the biggest MMO names under his belt. He is best known for his work on the iconic Ultima Online, the massive League of Legends and the award-winning Lord of the Rings Online. But his latest efforts are not that of a typical MMORPG experience, instead he's targeting a much younger audience.

Enspira Online has been in active alpha testing since May of this year. The Kickstarter page states that the core gameplay is completely playable and a good portion of the features are ready.

 The official Kickstarter project page lists the following as the highlights of Enspira Online:

  • Non-violent gameplay in a kid-safe environment
  • Exciting, challenging adventures

  • Explore a dynamic, player-driven world

  • Own a home in a global online community

  • Construct your own personal island

  • Grow beautiful gardens

  • Rich, deep game advancement goals

  • Parent approved for kids of all ages

  • Positive messages and life lessons

Enspira Online currently has 16 days remaining to reach its $18,000 goal. Currently sitting at $3,000 from 30 backers, a new child-friendly MMO game is definitely on the cards. For more information on stretch goals and game features you can visit the official Kickstarter page here

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