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Image of Lost Saga Implements Minecraft Style Features

WeMade USA today released an exciting new content update for its free-to-play combat centered MMORPG game Lost Saga. The latest update implements Minecraft style box building with playable characters and emotes from the iconic fighting franchise, Guilty Gear.

Lost Saga was recently the target of a new facelift following a reboot from developers, WeMade USA. Players have been enjoying a whole host of new updates and features including fully licensed characters from the likes of King of Fighters and BlazBlue.

The latest line of franchise heroes come from the popular Guilty Gear game. Players can now play as May and Johnny, each with their own set of unique skills and abilities.

"Ever since LOST SAGA's launch in May we've been delighting fighting fans with a steady stream of bimonthly content updates featuring new characters, modes and maps," said Philip Yun, CEO, WeMade USA. "We're extremely pleased with the growth of community and look forward to seeing what players will create with Block A."

New building blocks have been introduced giving players the tools to "build almost anything". Accompanying the new construction update is a brand new Facebook event with an exciting variety of in-game prizes and loot.

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