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Image of New Elder Scrolls Online Video Details The Blacksmith

Hot on the heels of the biggest Elder Scrolls Online beta event so far is yet another video released by Zenimax Online Studios this time focusing on crafting, specifically the journey of the Blacksmith. Since the lifting of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) last Friday websites and thousands of fans have been sharing their thoughts, screenshots and videos from the event but very few centered around crafting. With incredibly deep character customization, an exhilarating AvA experience and plenty of PvE content on offer, crafting wasn't on many peoples to-do list. But fear not, if you enjoy smashing lumps of metal into fine pieces of art this trailer is for you.

The video, accompanied by developer commentary, goes into great depth regarding the crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online. If you have any lingering questions about gathering mechanics, crafting or creating set pieces, this video covers all those topics. Another area featured, and one that hasn't really been described in great length, is the hidden crafting tables throughout the world that offer potential set bonuses and other perks. Other elements of the video include learning perks that can be attributed to items, Race specific armor and item customization.

Source: YouTube

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