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Image of Pockie Pirates One Year Anniversary Celebration

The MMORPG Pockie Pirates is celebrating its one year anniversary today. NGames has done a wonderful job recreating the One Piece universe in this online adventure, and they want to commemorate the achievement by giving back to their fan base. After a year of sailing the online seas, this anime-styled MMO is providing subscribers with a free update that includes plenty of new content.

The celebration will provide players with the game?s first Anniversary Pack. The pack features significant changes like increasing the game?s level cap to 140, while adding two entirely new maps. Pirates can now explore the two islands known as Marine Ford and Thriller Bark. Characters of every level will be tested in these breathtaking, albeit treacherous environments. Veteran players who reach the new level cap will be able to test a new Shiny Gear Set, which is both battle worthy and aesthetically please. There are even bonus rewards for players who haven?t logged into the game in recent months. Reward packs of gold, potions, and upgrade cards should be good incentive to bring players back who haven?t set sail since Feb. 13, 2013.

The anniversary update marks big improvements to the overall game experience, like to cross-server battle events, added pirate crews, and an optimized teleportation scheme. The celebration has too many additive features to go into full detail here, but you can head to the games official website to find out more. If you haven?t joined the quest to become the King of Pirates yet, now might be the time.

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